I'm a lost picker new bee

Hi guys,

I'm looking for finger pickers that haven't made it to the "pro" status. (Just like me.)
I'm an OK picker, but not really top drawer. I have posted stuff that can be found by googling Slacker G but Nothing to shout about so to speak. I just can't seem to locate much in the finger pickin venue.

Does anyone know of any finger pickin clubs out here? Any finger pickers on this board?

I was always a Gibson man, but after I quit playing for many years I got hooked on Fender Strats when I started picking again. Is that safe to mention? I design and build my own amps and pre amps, and I make my own guitars. I guess assemble would be the proper thing to say. However, setups and custom wiring are all my own creations.

Now you know everything about me that probably wasn't of any interest to you in the first place. 8) But for anyone who is interested, I thought I would let you know a bit about me.

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Well, thanks to those who bothered to read my post.

I guess no one knows any finger picker DB's or clubs. I looked all over the net but could only find tribute clubs dedicated to the big guns in the industry. I thought it was just my inexperience in surfing.
Thanks again peeps. I'll just hang here for a while anyway because it's a big interesting place to be.

Hey Slacker,

All I could find in Iowa was the Iowa Blues Society.

Otherwise, I found these groups online:



Hey sorry for the silence but I'm a bass-player (and mainly plec apart from Blues stuff!)

However, I watched you Youtube and I'm now trawling through your Soundclick page some great stuff on there, good to have you on the board!


EDIT: "Loose Eel" brilliant title and a great track too!


Thank you for the links. I went and checked them out but they are all acoustic guitar peeps.

When I talk to acoustic pickers around here, they all get this snobby attitude when I mention that I'm a Strat picker. I like acoustic music, and I like the guitars. Problem is that my fingernails fly off like popcorn when I try to get enough volume to be heard. I don't use any picks, only the 4 finger nails and the thumb nail. Now that should be "pure" enough to satisfy them, but NOT. They believe mikeing a guitar is acceptable, but having built in transducers is not. Go figure??? One guy even got ofended when I mentioned "truss rod".

I only have one response to that. "If God wanted us to play those damned things he wouldn't have given us electric guitars , amps, modelers, and stomp boxes."

Geeze. No spell checker on this DB? Guess I'll have to learn to spell.

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