Weirdest instrumental songs

If it's arleady been done, how about wierdest instrumental songs? My vote's for "Ya Yo Gak" by Steve Vai

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Now that, Starcaster, is a good idea for a thread. I go for "Music for a Found Harmonium" by Penguin Cafe Orchestra. Gets used for TV sometimes. Weird instrumental tracks thread, anyone? I say yes - let's split off a new thread if there're enough takers.

And (I know this is really anal) it's batten down the hatches, Lee. I come from a naval family, perhaps even a navel-gazing family but, anyhoo, a conductor's wiggly-stick doesn't feature in the phrase.

Good idea, split as requested.

Although not strictly instrumental - it does contain some yodeling, vocalized gibberish, and......whistling - Hocus Pocus by Focus is a really weird mostly instrumental song:

Warning: this video my cause seizures!

My college-days band did an extended version of this tune; and I fondly remember playing long, angry solos in the Phrygian mode. Actually, the main chord progression is the Phryian mode.

My same university-town band also did a 10 minute version of Pink Floyd's Interstellar Overdrive, but I'm not sure if that song is really weird or not. Our interpretation probably came across as being fairly strange.

"Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict" by Pink Floyd gets my vote.

(Oh, and if I'm allowed to join 1BL in being anal, then can I point out that it is spelt weirdest with the E before the I. All that "I before E except after C" stuff they taught at school was a pile of crap because it only works in 50% of cases.)

Sorry 'bout that, I'm a straight A student, yet I can't spell worth a damn

Hmm...have to start digging for the really weird stuff but:

'Moon Turn the Tides...gently gently away' by the Jimi Hendrix Experience is a good start, although it is really the 'ending' of 1983.

And I won't mention all the Trip-hop stuff I've got, cos it's all samples but the Beastie Boys play all their own instruments (with a friend on Violin)

'Eugene's Lament' by the Beastie Boys.

1 name, 1 word, Oldfield and Bells, and the 'i' is before the 'e' that album was so good he had to make it 3 times.

but seriously if you want expert musicians without the egos ( i still think of 'The egos have landed') then follow this link:

"Malediction" by the monks of the Abbaye de St Boss-Rolandos....


Ah, good to see MMM move in and split this good idea (TY, Mike). Here's a YooToob link to Penguin Cafe Orchestra's "Music for a Found Harmonium":

I'm going to check out Hocus-Pocus-Focus-Yodellus right now, although I do remember it. I suggest all links are worth clicking on; this could be a fun thread.

(PS: "I have some wierd friends" has always bothered me, but I thought I was the only one. Weird is spelt how it sounds, if anyone's interested, and the "i before e" rule means squat :lol: )

and here's a link to glw's Floyd:Small Furry Animals suggestion.

I would've made it outright winner, except some knobhead ad-exec decided that something similar would sell Samsung cellphones if linked to Beijing Olympians snapping their swimming goggles on... or something.

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