Check out these new demos...

...and then flame me into the ground. :oops:

Hey guys!

In case you're bored online and have an extra minute or two, my band spent a long night in the studio yesterday recording a 12 song practice demo; and some of the tunes can be heard here:

Having been robbed of my creative spark by a variety of factors (what is it with drummers??), my playing was C minus work at best; but - rough though they may be - a couple of the songs have some potential. We'll be going back to make the actual CD in early December, and I'm left with the daunting task of coming up with creative and repeatable intros, leads, and fills for over 20 original songs - kill me now.

Also, I've been posting "gig reports" on a blog located here:

Just throwin' it out there - check it out or don't. :)

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Ooh, I love to hear regular posters play, will check this out for sure and post back (not in head space at moment lots of wine and Drum n Bass tonight :) )

Might even add your band.... :D


Wow - sorry to first post this message under the "Guitar" category. I didn't know this basement room of the forum existed. Hello? Is there anybody out there?? :wink:

As long as I'm here, you know how sometimes during rehearsal someone will start to play a riff or chord progression and everyone else will sort of half heartedly join in? Well, we turned one of those periods of cacophony into a song. If I heard another band play a three chord tune like this, I probably be tempted to hurl a beer bottle at the guitarist for serving up such rubbish; but since I'm the one doing it, it doesn't seem so bad - it's actually a fun song to play, and I'll take my well-deserved bottle to the head with great humility:

Four Horse Johnson - Honey

Standard disclaimers about my lackluster lead playing. Whatever!! :lol:

Hey Toco, I didn't spot this thread before, so the move to here was a good idea. I've just had a listen to the Myspace demos (track 3 kept booting out for some reason) and there are well-crafted bits of songwriting there. I liked "Sara Go Easy" even though it's not my usual style. You're down as rock/rock/rock on the page but there's quite a country/blues thing to my ear on some tracks. Track five is really original but sounds less produced and the two guitar's tones a bit too similar (rhythm could be cleaner and brighter IMHO).

Did you get more time to overdub or mix the first two? They sound more produced to me.

Hey 1Bass, thanks for the feedback. I’m not really sure what our style of music is. Our songwriter keeps coming up with these country-sounding tunes, and I suppose what you’re hearing is my feeble attempt at some Uncle Tupelo / Drive By Truckers / Jason and the Scorchers sort of country rock. Honestly, I consider myself a bit of a "hired hand," and - though a fun band - it's not totally my style of music either.

As far as our last recording session is concerned, we went in for more than 8 hours and recorded 12 tunes - all live, best of 3 or 4 takes. I think by the time we were working on track 5, I’d already threatened our drummer and told him if there was a lock on the door to the drum both, he’d better use it. I can’t explain the inconsistences...or can I? :wink:

I'm just happy to see someone else with a satin black guitar :)

Video was, cool tho, keep it up!

EDIT: I wrote 'keep tit up' :oops:

we went in for more than 8 hours and recorded 12 tunes - all live, best of 3 or 4 takes

My band recorded a bit like that in the 90s; but we developed the modus of allowing time for overdubs and mastering. From this, two or three of our tracks would get enhanced vocals, extra guitar and generally higher production values. From listening to the first two tracks (purely in terms of production, not a commentary on the songwriting) they sound more "radio"; vocals higher in the mix and drums crisper.

With more or less "live dump" recording, some of the songs will tend to come across better in the mix than others.

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