I have a Memphis Electric I think Fender copy of some sort.

Hello All..... I am new to this site and need some help please.
I acquired an electric guitar from a friend...I have heard that it is a Memphis Fender copy....a Strat or Tele...but I have no clue.
It was a complete mess...I mean Nasty....Cigarette burns on it...and coated with tar....The guy I got it from painted the pic guard with acrylic paint and used different color electrical tape to make stripes on it...
I took the guitar from him...and cleaned it up pretty wicked !!!!!
I basically cleaned everything...resoldered everything electrical on the guitar...Restrung the guitar...and it sounbds decent... but I would like to know exactly what this guitar is and how old it is...what it went for and what its worth now if anything.
I have pics of the guitar... but I dont know how to post pics here..
Help Please !!

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Does anyone know possibly how old this guitar is ?? I was told it is around 25 years old.. See above for pics.... Blonde Memphis Fender Strat Copy....

What did it go for NEW...and what is it possibly worth these days if anything ??......

Thanks in advance...


I dont plan on selling it... I spent alot fo time cleaning this bad boy up !!!

I wish I had taked before pics.... it looked like a guitar from the band Stryper......Yellow and black stripes.....but with electrical tape..
Is there anyway for me to upgrade the pickups ?????

This Memphis Fender Strat Copy sounds pretty good for what it has been through.... The Volume and Tone knobs I had to clean real good because they were staticky.....I cleaned them with Moisture Displacement Spray...but the knobs and the fret switch still should be replaced...It looks like the Volume and 2 Tone Potentiometers are rates 500 ohms...but I dont know what the fret switch is rated.... Its a 5 position switch..

Also its three pickups......I would like to replace all three...but also instead of a single... I could carve out more space under the pickguard to put a double pickup maybe ????

If you want to install a humbucker pickup in, say, the bridge position, it'd be far neater and easier to get a single-coil sized humbucker such as Seymour Duncan's Lil 59. That way you wouldn't have to carve the guitar up (which would definitely devalue it further) - the pickup would fit the existing cavity and hole in the scratchplate and could be swapped back to a single-coil if desired.

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