Looking for good guitar besides the two biggies?

Does anybody have any experience with a good guitar that's good for rock,metal,and blues besides the strat and the LP? Oh yeah, and it can't be over 600$-700$.

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The SG special, or if you can afford it the SG standard, Gibson, Epiphone or Japanese Tokai.

what about guitars that aren't so popular?

Aria Pro, Washburn, Ibanez, Jackson? that kind of thing?


What about something like a Charger from Reverend? Rock/blues yah but I don't know about metal.

I've never heard of it

Reverend might set you back a hundred or so more from 700, but I'm generally a fan, especially if your looking outside of Gibson.

Try Myaxe. Got mine and its quite good. You can go to their website and try ordering.

I had a look at zzsounds in your price range:

and I'd skip the ESP LTD guitars. Metallica got out of an endorsement with ESP because they hated them, and the LTD is Korean-made so that's a hefty price. Outside of the big names, I have heard very good things about Schecter and (although most are EMG-equipped; darn good pickups but a bit samey for some) they also come with Duncans. Note, these are not the cheapy "Duncan Designed" or "EMG Hz" pups but the real deals.

After all that, though, for my $700 I'd be sorely tempted by Fender and Gibson. If you want something different to the ubiquitous Strat and LP, the Fender Jazzmaster and Jaguar are Japanese made (better than Mex, IMO), look different and sound different (Jazzmaster probably better than Jag for your interests. I agree with Lee, though. A US Gibson SG Special for $629 in worn cherry?

Bit of a bargain, and much likelier to hold its value. I'd also look into the Hagstrom reissues:
for a quirky difference. Chinese made but again, I hear good things about them.

For the money, the new PRS Semi Hollow got rave reviews in Guitar Player Magazine. I want to say 600-700 price range. It is one of their budget range instruments, however I heard a clip of a guy playing one theough a Z, and it sounded amazing.

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