NEED help Lotus Guitar 1972

Can anyone steer me in the right direction in finding one of these. My husband used to have one when he was younger and for kicks would just like to have another one around. I would love to get him for the Holidays. I just cant find one anywhere. Can anyone steer me in the right direction.

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From you saying 'the holidays' I'm guessing you're in America?
I'd start with ebay to be honest, there's a 30 year old Lotus 'Les Paul' starting at $150

Online is probably your best bet for something so specific, IMO.

zippity, did you place the only (and successful) bid for that eBay Lotus? Not a bad price for a setneck (even if ply bodied) Les Paul copy. Probably made by the respected Samick factory if Wiki is to be believed.

Nah didnt bid on it. I am looking for that Lotus that is red. It was a guitar my husband loved when he first started playing. He had to sell it when we were first married and he was talking about how he would like to have another one around. It was red but you could see the wood through it. If that makes sense. I have been looking on ebay for 3 months and none have posted. =( help!!!

It was red but you could see the wood through it. If that makes sense

Certainly does. Gibson's "Cherry Red" was like that. You can set a search on eBay for "Lotus Guitar" and have it automatically email you if a match comes up. It's less hassle than regularly checking in to search for one. The other place to look is "craigslist" on the web.

Just as an off-chance, Lotus guitars were discussed a few years back on the old-style Guitarsite forum. You could try a message to one of those owner-posters asking if they still have it and will sell. Bit of a long shot given the years that have passed:

thank you so much for your help. i just wish i had a model number or something on it. Would probably make it easier to find.

My boyfriend has a red 1972 red lotus guitar and happens to be looking to sell it. You can either try to email me...although i dont get to check that much...or you can look for it on craigslist i think this is the right link... otherwise if you just google it, it should come up pretty quickly.

that isnt the style of the one he had. It was more rounded. =( Ive almost given up hope.

If I'm right, the one I saw on Craigslist (and perhaps AK47 is referring to) is a [Fender] "Strat" copy. The "more rounded" one that Zippity is after I think is a Les Paul Copy. If I am right, then the Lotus L-570 (that Tim flagged up on eBay) is the model number that you're looking for; except you want it in cherry red.

That isnt it either. It is a solid body. It was made before lotus started making replicas.

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