Looking for advice on dealing with buckle rash

Just bought a 2005 Gibson Les Paul Classic Goldtop on eBay. Seller told me over the phone that the only mark on the entire guitar was a ding on the lower body near the output jack that he showed in a picture on the eBay auction, otherwise the guitar was completely clean with no other marks anywhere. WRONG!! This guitar is loaded with belt buckle rash on the back, as well as dents, dings, and scratches all over. However, it plays and sounds great (has a Duncan JB bridge pickup - my favorite!, as well as the true '60's thin profile neck). So, I'm going to keep it despite the blatant misrepresentation by the seller.

I've been reading web articles from pro refinishers that talk about how you can put clearcoat nitrocellulose lacquer over the existing finish, and it will "melt" into the finish and fill in the scratches, buckle rash, etc. Has anyone out there tried this by themselves, or is this something best left to a pro? Or is this even possible to do? My goal is to minimize the buckle rash on the back if at all possible to restore this back to "new".

By the way, why is it so common to beat up an expensive guitar this way? Nearly every Les Paul that I saw on eBay said that there was mild to moderate buckle rash (I bought this one because the owner told me point blank there was none - liar!). Don't people respect their instruments anymore?

Looking forward to a reply,

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Some Gibson USA's are expensive but some are quite good value, you can get a brand new Gibson SG USA for under £400, if you want the more popular models then you have to pay more, i could never see the difference between the SG stand and Special, apart from some binding on the neck, and covers on the pickups, you pay £150 more for the Standard, but the Standard is more popular, so they charge more.

I can't offer any help here, I was just wondering what "Buckle Rash" is and if someone might explain it to me. I don't play the guitar, but am trying to learn a little about them and some terms that can help me in selling some consignments. Thanks

Hey zwibby, simply put, buckle rash is the damage to the back of the guitar caused by buckles/zips/studs...or whatever else you have stuck on your crotch whilst playing... :D

OH! Thanks Tim. I was wondering how some of the guitars got so scratched up on the backsides, but the front sides looked so nice. Well now I know! Learn something new everyday. Thanks again :D

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