Pan Guitars by ARAI Model 9501

So I'm a singer/songwriter who can't play an instrument, but because I am a singe/songwriter people think I should be able to play an instrument, to the point of giving me instruments to try to play. So I'm in a decluttering my house phase and I have two guitars which I was just going to give away on Freecycle. I hadn't actually looked at the guitars since I was given them on two separate occasions by two separate parties. So I looked at the first one which just happens to be in a caseheld together by duct tape, so not really expecting anything awesome there and it is a little beat up with some chips and scratches here and there. I like the tuning things that you turn, they appear kind of fancy, but overall nothing really to get excited about, so no problem giving it away. So the second case is in good shape but after seeing the first guitar I still wasn't expecting anything special. I opened the case and the first thing I am struck by is the colour which screams I am old. I have never seen a guiatr this colour before. Plus there are no chips and maybe one or two tiny scratches. This thing is in very good condition for it's age I think, but then again I don't really know anything about them. I think's it's from the 60's maybe 70's. I tried searching for it on the net but I couldn't find much. Does anyone know anything about this guitar? Any information you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Hey Sarah, strangely the first Google hit is from this site in 2003 (btw, its 'Aria'...'Arai' make very good racing helmets :D )

Anyway, after a few dead-ends it seems Pan were made by Aria (wild stab in-the-dark time...)probably for the American market. A couple of pages seem to suggest that they may have been made at the Matsumoku factory which actually has a following of collectors all of it's own.

In short, I wouldn't give it away, but don't expect mega-bucks either. I'll have a bit more of a surf and hopefully someone more informed will chime in (maybe sb? hint hint...)

As we always say, photos would be a great help.


Hi Tim,

Thanks for your reply. I will try and post pictures as soon as I can find what my son did with my camera lol By the way it is ARAI not ARIA I got it off of the original sticker inside the guitar.


Ah...checked that out, Arai didn't exist long then became Aria, my bad!

Also, from the tiny bit I've read on this so far it might date it as pre '66 which seems to be when 'Arai' switched to 'Aria'

Blushing somewhat as I love my Aria and really should have known that! I'll blame the wine as usual :roll:

This also suggests it is a Matsumoku made guitar, still waiting for a knowledgable person to chime in tho... :D

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