I need a guitar doctor!

I know this probably is stupid but whatever. ok. i have a SX guitar model and the bridge and neck just dont go together and everyone and their mother just love them and so far mine sucks huevos.

When i play this guitar the strings dont stay in the saddles and i adjust it high enough so they really dont, but the strings then buzz the last two or three frets and the action up at the top of the neck is horrible when i do this. and when i lower the bridge so the actions better the strings slip and the action is just bad either way i put the freakin neck or bridge. so somebody.

Please help me. this guitar has some pretty good pick-ups and i want this guitar to actually for once work. so will somebody tell me thier opinion? please??

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What kind of SX do you have?
sounds like you need to tweek the truss rod, give some more details first.

Take it to a music shop and get them to sort it out for you.

I have a SJM-62. and it has a jaguar style whammy bar and so far i really kinda think that is the problem. but ive been meaning to take to the shop. i did a few months ago but they said it was fine. but i even thought of putting a bigby whammy bar on it but i didnt cause the whammy bar was more than the stupid guitar it's self.

yeah dude ill check it out. thanks man.

You could also get in touch with Kurt at Rondo Music. Although SX guitars are inexpensive, the shop is pretty proud of them and I know a few players with good things to say about them. Shipping a guitar in the 48 states isn't hugely expensive and they may agree to look it over for you.

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