A confession...

I feel I have to get this off my chest and I can only hope I'm not judges too harshly:

...I've bought a drum kit :shock:

Don't worry, I will still be plucking the 4 string and attempting to strum the 6! It's just I'll be hitting things with sticks too...its good for the soul. 8)

And it was cheap.

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Without trying to sound too Chantellish, OH MY GOD :shock:
Tim with a pair of sticks.

My eldest daughter (11) has taken up guitar lessons at school, but my youngest (9) has taken drum lessons, and a kit was on her christmas list, but luckily i have one of those Yamaha DD55 things, with the electronic drum pads and foot pedals, where in the house are you going to set up the said drum kit?
how cheap was it?
and what make/model? did it include cybals? which type?

It's right in the middle of this room :lol: We basically use this room as a play-room lol, my basses/guitars/amps, 3 PCs, Hi Fi seperates, sofa-bed for the guests and now...a drumkit!

It's a bit cobbled together but mainly Premier with Remo skins, absolutely dire unbranded symbol but OK hats. Came with a stool and full set of QT silencing pads for £60!
The QT pads can be up to £50 for the full set! (an essential in our flat!)

Let me get this straight... you have a Drum Kit in a flat? :shock:

Yeah :D ...but I'm very considerate I've told downstairs and asked if my proposed 'cut-off' time is ok.

The guy on one side of us is a drummer himself and the other side is a pub, so not a problem really.

Flat - Drumkit - Considerate.
I wouldn't usauly group those words together.

:lol: It's not a block of flats or anything, it a converted Georgian end terrace behind a pub which has a beer garden and Karaoke, like I say; I've discussed it with downsatairs (and we own the floor directly below so he's 2 floors down) already and neither side is a problem and I'm using the pads...it's all good. :D

I now have a Cello too!

Crikey, Tim; you're becoming a right Mike Oldfield. Mrs Bass keeps talking about the state of our "dining room" but I doubt I could resist the drum kit for that price. If you're looking for a cheap but good replacement cymbal, you keed keep a Fleebeye out for Paiste 400s. I bought one back in the early 90s because our skint drummer had terrible biscuit tin lids. Nice sound for not a lot of money.

Tell us more about the cello.

cheers for the heads-up.

As for the Cello...I don't know that much as the g/f got it for me for Christmas off ebay. I've always loved the kinda haunting sound of them bowed and the bluesy sound of them plucked and may well have mentioned this at every given oportunity... :oops:
Anyway, she managed to get me a full size cello for just under £200 don't know much about it...it's ex-army band (still has number chalked on gig-bag) and sounds the dogs danglies...umm I might have more info on the morrow (had bottle and half of shiraz so kinda floaty :) )


oh and as for the Mike Oldfield, it's all rythmn section stuff or low-register anyway...I know my place lol

I quite fancy some kind of dirty-blues meets breakbeats kinda thing...when I've learnt to play all these.

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