A confession...

I feel I have to get this off my chest and I can only hope I'm not judges too harshly:

...I've bought a drum kit :shock:

Don't worry, I will still be plucking the 4 string and attempting to strum the 6! It's just I'll be hitting things with sticks too...its good for the soul. 8)

And it was cheap.

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I honestly don't recall any OCD-style postings by you on the subject of cellos :)

Ex-army band sounds good as it's unlikely to be basement value stuff. From the little I know of its relative, the double bass, I guess you're looking for good signs like not a ply body, ebony fingerboard and pegs rather than stained maple or rosewood, that sort of thing. I was at Bass Day UK in Manchester last month (PC probs prevented me doing a writeup) and a rather good double bass demo was given by a well-known player (whose name has, maddeningly, just popped out of my head). My guitarist, who's hankered for an upright, asked him his opinion of electric uprights. "Just buy an electric bass if that's what you're after" was the reply :)

1bassleft wrote:
Crikey, Tim; you're becoming a right Mike Oldfield. Mrs Bass keeps talking about the state of our "dining room" but I doubt I could resist the drum kit for that price. If you're looking for a cheap but good replacement cymbal, you keed keep a Fleebeye out for Paiste 400s. I bought one back in the early 90s because our skint drummer had terrible biscuit tin lids. Nice sound for not a lot of money.

Tell us more about the cello.

Our old drummer uses Stagg cymbals, cheap and cheerful, he tried a lot of expensive ones and thought there wasn't a lot of difference, they make my ears ring after a constant 30 second crash out finish!

They weren't around back then and I haven't tinkled them myself, but it doesn't surprise me. Stagg are getting their stuff from China for peanuts and the trumpet I bought for my sprog sounded perfectly decent for a quarter the price of a student Boosey or the like.

I have my personal tastes on cymbals from where I stand. The sub rosa drummer had one of those 200 quid Premier Olympic kits whose skins must have been sourced from a granny's arse and the aforementioned biscuit tin lids. When recording, I hired the studio's Sonor which was a huge improvement but I couldn't stand the terribly dark and heavy Zildjian Ks. We used the Paiste crash and had to make do with a tin lid as top hat over the Zildjian bottom. The current band's drummer uses Sabian (AA, I think) and I like them very much but they're not a budget option.

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