Lasky Guitars

I have a Lasky L3 guitar, but I cannot find out much about the manufacturer. I know they were made in Holland, but that's about it.
Anybody know anymore?
Just for information, it is an absolutely superb guitar, made from some of the most exquisite woods I have ever seen. Really unique and plays great.

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As ever I'll ask: Any photos?

I take some and post them

(in case you were going to ask)

glw wrote:

(in case you were going to ask)

That thread really does need re-writing lol:

-Take pic of guitar

-Get Photobucket account

-Upload pics using the 'Upload pics' box

-look at pic and click on code "for forums"

-ctrl+v into your message.

...but yeah, pics are always useful.

Pictures as promised. Possibly not the best, they don't show the depth of grain or the glowing colour of the wood very well, but I think that's the best I am going to get with my camera (and probably more relevantly my picture taking skills, or lack thereof!)
Hope someone can help with some info on Lasky. Does all seem a bit of a mystery to me, but I'm real glad I got one.
With regard to the woods used I think the headstock looks like walnut to me on front and back, the neck is maple but the body I'm not sure.

Well, I'm none the wiser but it certainly an original looking guitar. You won't look like everyone else playing that.

Looks to be nice quality too.

thanks - yes the quality of the woods is really exceptional and it is a great playing guitar - hot pick ups and rich tone, real sustain, silky action - I just wish i could get another! Hence really my posting to see if anyone knew anything about Lasky's.
Thanks for your time, appreciated.

Nigel, I couldn't find anything on Lasky guitars, but I was interested in your pics and will hazard some guesses. The styling seems mid-late 80s to me. You're right about the neck being a North American rock maple (with a rather nice flame to it) and your fingerboard is also nicely grained which makes it South American (Brazilian) to me. This also suggests pre-1990 as Brazilian rosewood is now expensive and considered eco-unfriendly. Indian rosewood, as used these days, looks a lot cackier than Brazilian.

The headstock veneers could be walnut but another possibility (the back pic especially) is Hawaiin Koa. I think your body could be hard ash (not to be confused with swamp ash as used by Fender in the 50s and 60s) which would make the guitar quite heavy. Great pics of guitar woods can be found at if you'd like to do some comparisons.

thanks for the comments and the time.
I think you are correct with most of your assumptions re the type of woods etc.
I purchased the guitar about 6 years ago - unfortunately the guy I purchased it from did not know a great deal about it, bar that it was made in Holland - he thought it was about 6 to 8 years old then which I assumed made it mid nineties manufacture - however this was total supposition and I tend to think your detective type thoughts re types of wood etc may be more accurate!!
The only thing I would say is that whilst the guitar is reasonably heavy, it is not as heavy as for instance one of my Les Pauls; probably a Kg lighter (a bit of a guess and when I am back in Barbados I will weigh the Lasky and get an accurate weight)
Thanks again for the interest and help.

Nigel, it's still easily possible that the guitar is mid-90s. That "natural wood and gold hardware" look was very fashionable in the 80s but you still see it today, of course; particularly with the more couture makers. You can still get Brazilian rosewood fingerboards (IIRC, Warmoth still offer it) but it's considerably more expensive than Indian rosewood. If the Lasky was high-end, then they might well have considered it worth the price.

As for the weight of hard ash, late 70s Fender basses were offered in a hard ash clear finish and they're noticeably heavier than the usual alder bodies. HST, a Les Paul with a mahogany body and maple topcap is pretty shoulder-sapping itself. I'd be surprised if there was a whole kilo in it, but I wouldn't be shocked if the LP were a pound (about 500g) heavier than the Lasky.

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