What's your all time favorite chorus, phaser and flanger.

What's your all time favorite chorus, phaser and flanger pedals.

Chorus: Small Clone
Flanger: Flanger
Phaser: MXR Phase or 90 Boss PH-1

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I had an Arion SCH-1 Chorus that I was very fond of - 'til it malfunctioned. Many of the various new and vintage models of Boss Chorus pedals sound OK. I plan on getting a Dr. Scientist to replace my current piece of GARBAGE D.O.D. Ice Box - what a joke that thing is. Once every 3 or 4 shows, it'll go BZZZZZZZZZZZSSSSHHTT!!!!!! in the middle of a song even if it's not turned on - nice! :( Did you know that ALL DOD / Digitech gear is total amateur hours rubbish? It's true!

I currently have a Boss PH-2 Fazer that sounds really good :shock: , but it lacks the tap tempo feature of the PH-3 which - according to my ears - doesn't sound nearly as lush.

I had an MXR for two days, hated it, and sent it back. Why that one dimensional would-be door stop is so popular I'll never understand.

I've never used a Flinger and don't really see the point. Isn't there one on "Goodbye Girl?" That's a great song.

vitaminE wrote:
Did you know that ALL DOD / Digitech gear is total amateur hours rubbish? It's true!

Cheers for the heads-up on that :)

You tried Russian Electro-Harmonix stuff?...you twiddle all the the controls then it decides what sort of mood it's in that day. I think weather-fronts over the Atlantic have more effect on it than the sensitivity knob.

That's just the Bassballs tho so I'll shut up and stop hijacking, bad mod bad! :(

How about those little Danelectro pedals, cool cat and hot tuna, those things take your very nice Les Paul tone, pass it through an on board effects processor and craps out some rubbish to your amp, leaves you scratching your head thinking.. did i really pay £30 for that??

I have an E.H. stereo memory man with Hazari pedal that’s supposedly made in N.Y.C. U.S.A. It works well enough, but I’m not sure where they import the "Hazari" from...Norway? :wink:

And yes, those Dano pedals are better suited for pounding tent stakes or smashing crickets. :lol:

We've recently published a round-up of the best phaser pedals at:

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