Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't checked in here for a bit. took a job for a few months and didn't have a lot of time. Anyway I thought the V3 of ugliest guitar would be started by now?

Almost done with my 45/100 ... had to route the wires from the cap board to the main board so I could figure out where everything went :P I'll run everything under the boards and have it all bundled nicely when finished. Waiting on a few more resistors for the bias circuit to finish up.
Probably looks like a lot left but really just trim wires, solder and bias up!

Next up , a JTM50 .. got a nice "Black Flag" front panel from Nik at Ceriatone and will start when I get this one done.

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Nice to read you again, myfoot and the 45/100 pic looks promising. Are you planning on a single bias pot or one for each of the octals so that you can hoover up old-stock singles and not worry about matched quads?

As for the "ugly" thread, my lack of contribs so far is mainly because I hardly spend any time on Fleeb these days and you know what a great source of eyeache that site can be :)

I may put a second bias pot in but no GEC NOS KT66s for me. I think I see them going for $800 and up for a matched quad. :shock: I may get ahold of Terry and see what he has as far as new. A buddy of mine got some newer shugs from him and has been real happy with them.

I haven't been on the evilbay myself much lately. I had a job for a few months that required a lot of traveling and kind of got away from it. I saw a pic of a guitar at NAMM that reminded me of the guitar thread here. :D

I need to contact Terry but I have so little time and my PC is appalling. I am currently downloading a vidclip of 100Mb and the transfer rate is - get this - 13kb/s; on broadband :!: :x . Terry has, according to others on Plexi etc, gone very quiet all round.

The reason I mention the individual bias pots is exactly because matched NOS quads are ridiculously priced. I can still get single Mullard EL34s for <$30 but quads (Mulls are a difficult match) get far more than 4x. GECs are silly money and, worse, there are a lot of fraudulents out there offloading shot Katies and getting $80+ each. At least half of those I've bought have been rubbish.

The Chinese KT66 is actually OK for the money, as is the latest-generation Shug EL34. Last time I spoke to him, Terry was probably doing more (and safer) business with the Shug than old-stock.

I've got a quad of Valve Arts in now and they sound pretty good. May touch base with Terry to see what he has and use these for a backup.

Anyway all done biased up and in the case. Here's a gut shot of final assembly done.

That looks abfab, myfoot. Apols for taking so long but AOL has taken any pleasure from 'netting aout of me. Valve Arts are one of the brandnames for Shug, aren't they? I'm pretty much retired as far as buying old-stock these days. I've got enough EL84s and 6V6s to last me and my band's so inactive that I'm not using big amps at the mo. If you contact Terry, let me know how he is. I've got stuff he might want, although shifting amps is a problem for me nowadays.

No I haven't gotten ahold of him yet but I know some of the guys have bought from him.

:D Here's the last post I noticed he had. Typical tt


Thanks for the link, myfoot, and good to know that Terry's still the same (never heard of paragraphs or other punctuation). I really must drop him a line. I did sign up for Metroamp but my original details seem to have been fossilized and, when I try with new details, I get the "sorry mate, you've registered before; so use your previous profile". Catch 20, as they say.

I have a WEM for him that he could tinker away with. Also, although Terry's wiring doesn't always look purty, it absolutely does the right thing for the ear'oles. I've seen some (and they're usually in CA) "tone modified" Marshalls that have terrible chicken wire taking negative feedback from the Radioshack deskfan inserted into the side of the wood casing. Makes me cringe.

I'll drop a line to the admin and see if I can get it sorted for you.

Here's the last email I saw for him

terry_kilgore2003 AT yahoo.com

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