He just smiled and gave me a vegamite sandwich

I noticed on the Guitarsite 'Bands' link, under the Australian section,


there are all the top oz bands named, AC/DC , Crowded house, INXS etc but are we scraping the bottom of the barrel by mentioning Kylie?? also i can't find Men at work on the list?? surely a mistake Mike?

And while we are on thre subject of Australian bands, i seem to remember we had a heated discussion a while back over the nationality of magical Gibb Bros? the Bee Gees, you said they were Aussies cos they lived there for a couple of years, i said they were Brits cos they were born over here and came back here to make there fortunes, well they seem to bee gee missing from the list of Aussie bands too!!
You are never getting the Gibbs back, but you can have your Fosters Lager back anytime.

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Speaking of Vegamite, after Men at Work's heyday in the late '90's I was fortunate enough to be in e-mail contact with Colin Hay.

A very nice gentleman and answered about any question I could think of. At the time I was mostly interested in their recording techniques and he provided much information.

I can't remember exactly which song it is, but he told me that on either 'Down Under' or 'Who can it be now?', when they did the final mix, they left out (forgot) the reverb on the snare on either the left or right channels. I'd have to listen to it again to be sure, but it's not something I noticed until he told me about it.

You can hear it on the original album.

I lost contact with him several years ago and I guess he's doing alright. I really liked that band in it's original line-up. I hear they're still big down in Brazil. Unfortunately he has disabled his direct e-mail, I guess because of spam. Back then it wasn't as prevalient as it is now.

It was nice conversing with him while it lasted.

and Crowded House may have formed in Melbourne, but the principal driving force was from New Zealand.

Slightly off-topic, but the missing reverb bloop reminds me of Morris and the Minors hit, "Stutter Rap". The record company got the 4-track demo and realized the parody of Beastie Boys shouty rap could be a novelty hit so they set them to work with an engineer and a 16 track. From what I heard at a mag I worked for, this was then lushly produced on 48-track until somebody noticed that this was missing the point. They brought the first engineer back in but, when he saw that his 16 tracks had been wiped over, he went off in a huff. The single that everyone bought was from the original 4-track demo.

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