Anyone using a VOX AC50 Classic Plus?

I don't know anyone else using this amp, so I haven't heard any opinions about what others think about it.

I ordered one last year and I love it. You can get about any sound out of it you want. The overdrive is so thick but well defined and the clean sounds like bells ringing.

It's really a versitile amp for about anything but Heavy HEAVY Metal. Sounds great for classic rock, old rock, new rock, and about any other kind of rock.

Well....except for maybe granite or sandstone. :lol:

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Not tried one yet, is that the new amp that uses a pair of EL34's??

I use an AC30 TBX as my gigging amp, get some great tones out of that, i also use a Hiwatt custom 100 head.

What speakers are in that custom classic?

My appologies, it's the Classic Plus, not Custom Classic. It was early here.

Yes it uses four 12AX7's for the two pre's and a pair of EL34's.

I don't really know what speaker is in this. I hope a Celestion, but it could be an EV as well. The manual doesn't state.

Back in the early '80s, when a 2nd hand shop man told me "except for Marshall and AC30s, I can't shift valve amps for love nor money", I did look at an old AC50. Being a bit of a green, I was put off even trying by some old pork-chop-sideburns type telling me, "nah, they're rubbish. The AC30 was the only decent amp they made."

What a load of rubbish. And I can't pay the eye-watering auction-end prices they fetch these days. Thanks a lot, pork-chop man.

The speakers are actually GSH1230 Wharfedale's. They sound very nice.

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