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Duane Allman & Dickey Betts' jewel....thanks for watching!

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Nice, bright tone from that C10 and I enjoyed your comparison of the Collings and the Martin. Somewhere I think on the acoustic category here, a poster seeks advice on a bright acoustic for around $600. I gave what limited advice I could but, if you have the time and an op, your greater expertise would be very valued. Obviously the C10 is not in the $600 bracket but you might have played something in a store that was good VFM.

i'll try to hunt down that thread, thanks!


I should have put in the link:

It's from MichaelC, a new but active member who posted a comment on your "Takin' care of business" clip here.

Dale, here's another thread where your mightily superior knowledge of good acoustics could point someone's wallet in the right direction:

Any assistance much appreciated :)

The Collings C-10 is the sound I'm after. Sad to say the Martin was far short. It sounded very 'middy' and muffled like my Seagull.

Thanks for posting the song. I'm not familiar with it but you play it very well.

I saw the follow up video comparing the three acoustics you have. The Seagull is a dead-ringer for the Martin sound. I wouldn't ordinarily compare a very expensive guitar against a low mid-range offering, but it's pretty close in the sound.

The highs on the C-10 rang out just as I'm looking for.

Edited to add: I've discovered that tone comes at a mighty steep price.

1bassleft - thanks for the link and connecting me to Michael.

Michael - great to 'meet' you and welcome to this forum! I enjoyed reading your post about being a muscian for over 30 years. I'm happy for you that guitar is now a part of your musical voice!

The Seagulls i've played (maybe 3) have been nice guitars and i think they also all had cedar tops. Does your guitar have spruce or cedar? I think it is generally agreed that cedar has a great warm sound and doesn't need the time or play to sound good. It has a more 'off the bench' appeal for that reason. Spruce is a bit brighter but likes to be vibrated in awhile to really show its stuff. That could be one item in your guitars tone.

you've gotten some great info from 1bassleft - i might add to be agressive in string choice.....they really do make a degree of difference. If i were after a brighter tone i would stay away from any coated strings. Do you play with pick or fingers?.....if pick i would look at different types (size/material) i think this is perhaps the most overlooked way to change a guitars tone. If fingers nails will be brighter than flesh.

if it is time to make a change in guitars and you would like a brighter sound than your current guitar i think spruce would be the way to go. Many different kinds but they will be brighter than any wood other than perhaps koa. solid top, good nut and saddle material, strings and pick and i think you can dial in the tone that pleases your ears.

best of luck on your guitar journey....i'd be glad to help in any way if i could.


Thanks for your replay Dale.

The Seagull does have a cedar top. Don't get me wrong, it's a pretty nice guitar for the money, but a bit too warm for my taste. Before purchasing it over a decade ago I was unaware of the different tonal qualities of woods used in guitar building.

I used to use GHS White Bronze on another guitar (I no longer have) for recording and was very pleased with the way they sounded on that guitar. Very bright and cut through the rest of the mix quite well.

I'll have to try and find an internet dealer and order a set for the Seagull.

I don't do much finger picking except for once again trying to learn "Never Going Back Again", mostly flat picking.

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