Anyone have info on Seville Guitars?

Hey, I bought an acoustic guitar at a yardsale for 30 bucks. To sum it up it is hands down THE BEST acoustic I have ever laid my hands on. The action is perfect, the tone is so amazing it's almost unforgettable, and the guitar has excellent harmonics and volume. The only thing it lacks is looks, as it is very plain in design but its not ugly. It's a tad beat up and is missing a pickguard. Anywho . . . the purpose of this post is to see if anyone has info on Seville guitars, I have looked all over the web for hours and cannot find anything even pertaining to its existence. My guitar has a label on the inside which says: Seville Guitars Model No. S-13. And there is an inspection sticker at the base of the neck that is worn beyond readability. Any information about the guitar or the company would be extremely helpful.

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This model Acoustic Guitar was produced by the Hondo Guitar Company during the mid to late 70's, just after Hondo moved production to Korea. The model S-13 was the "high end" of the Acoustic/Classical production. These Guitars were entirely hand made, fitted and "voiced". These Guitars produce a superb tone and play best with all steel strings preferably of light action. Some of the woods used were African Rosewood, Ebony and White Birch. Less than 200 Of the model S-13 were produced and are a rare find. Only five models of varying qualities were produced, all less than 200 each. Seville went on to produce various models of electric guitars all prior to the "Lawsuit Era". Because so few were made in such limited numbers very little information exsists regarding the Acoustic/Clasical models. Because of this most people think these are of no value. Actually they are very valuable. For instance the S-13 at 98%+ condition is worth between $900.00 and $1300.00 depending on the woods used.


I recently found a seville classic guitar. I am not a guitar player but a collector of things . It is not in great condition. It looks to have been well used. I can not find a model number. On the head it says seville classic and inside the housing you see the word Japan. Ant idea what model it would be and what value if any it has? Would anyone be interested in it?

Seville S-10

How about the model s-10, also made in Korea. How different is the s-10 from the s-13?

Seville guitar s-37

I have a seville acoustic model s-37 and to my surprise it does sound really good. Compared to my vintage yamaha FG-160 the seville is louder and the tone is beautiful! Just like those high end guitars at Guitar center. There's defintely something special about it. Got it at a garage sale for 20 bucks.

Seville guitar

Don't believe everything you read. They are all laminate guitars. A lot of informtion you read on the internet is misleading to make your believe it's a high quality instrument. They are entry level guitars. Made of plywood and were mass produce for profit. Whoever said they are worth 900-1300 is not true and obviously misleading. They are worth more like 100 when new. Today, they are probably worth 50 in good condition.

Seville guitar

These are all laminate guitars that were mass produced for profit. Made of plywood with laminate tops. They are no way comparable to Taylors, Martins or Gibsons. Very missleading information here. They are worth 100 when purchase new and today will probably fetch 50 depending upon condition.

Seville History

Anyone know the history of Seville guitars? I have one that looks exactly like a Hondo II les paul, is from the early 70's, has absolutely no serial number anywhere, but has a Seville logo on the headstock. Whats up?!?!?!

Seville 12 string

I have a Seville 12 string, model number looks like WI 1280... ( could be WI or WJ or WT )
Any information would be greatly appreciated...
Thanks... Lou

Does anyone have any info on

Does anyone have any info on a Seville guitar model no S9S. Can't find serial number anywhere.

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