Epiphone Serial Number

Is anyone able to date my Epiphone Sheraton? The serial number is 880509595 and it's located on a stick-on strip on the back of the headstock.

The front of the headstock has "Epiphone by Gibson" at the top and the Epiphone logo at the bottom. Cheers.


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date of epiphone les paul standard

would like to know the yer of this guitar.........

Thanks to everybody and anybody who can help me out
on this


Any ideas where my Epiphone LP is made? I know Korea but which factory? Serial # L97110479. Any info please!

Epiphone guitar

Tengo una epiphone stratocaster SSH con floyd rose. Su serial es FAT-F210/SS DÓNDE FUE FABRICADA?

1987 Epiphone by Gibson Sheraton

From what I have learned, the Samick factory in Korea took over manufacturing of the Epiphone by Gibson beginning 1986 thru 1988. Specifically, they manufactured the Sheraton with the head stock with the inlayed pearl that reads "Epiphone by Gibson," along with the pearl leafy branch down the headstock. The guitar came in two finishes: blond and tobacco (both maple). I have a 1987 tobacco finish purchased in February 2018 off eBay. The guitars are priced in the range of $575 to $1,000+ and going up based on condition. They don't come up often. I have seen added shipping costs of $65 to $130. The 1986 (I have not seen one yet) is really rare - if in fact they were actually made then. I have read that they (Samick), did not do a good job of controlling serial numbers. So, there is no concrete way of knowing exactly what you have, other than a sticker with a serial number on the back of the head stock and that fact that the headstock has "Epiphone by Gibson" on it. That serial number may not be accurate. I have seen this type of 1989 Sheraton and I understand that some were released as late as 1970? Evidently, there was a run over from 1988 production that took a couple years to use up. These guitars are well made and sound great. However, I also learned that some of them may be Gibson 2nds. Meaning that they were manufactured as ES-355s, but became Epiphones due to some flaws. Who knows? Some have 3 characters stamped into the back of the headstock. No one seems to know what those characters mean. Maybe it says "SEC" standing for a second. Your guess is as good as mine. If you look at different pictures of these guitars, you will notice that there are variations of where the control knobs and pickup switch are located. You can see the difference when looking at the switch and placement of the controls in relation to the lower "F" hole Yep, some switches almost touch the pick guard and others are as much as an inch away. Also, there can be a variation in the positioning of the control knobs in relation to the bottom of hole of the "F hole. The pick guard seems to be accurate on all of these models. Otherwise, for a 30+ year old guitar, the binding on my axe is solid, nicely aged and mostly unmarked. I don't think you can go wrong on a purchase of one of these guitars. I use 10's on mine for blues and jazz. I use a Boss Katana 50. I have all the guitar knobs set to 10 on the guitar, and make all my adjustments on the amp. I have the amp volume set to 10 and use the master volume as the volume control. I think its the best deal on the market for a small amp in terms of price/performance. I mention this because the Boss has a mellow tone that seems to work well with this guitar and for a "practice amp" it has treble, middle and bass controls. If you are in a band, go with the 100. I hope this helps.

Vintage Epiphone Newport Electric Bass

I inherited an Epiphone electric bass guitar when my father passed away. I think it is a Newport model. It has a cherry finish, single pickup, white pick guard, 4 on a side tuners. The serial numbers Maher is stamped with n the headstock and almost unreadable because it is now t very deep. Looks lovely me 330478. The information I follow nd online and in Boston oks tells Mechatronics t can’t update be a ‘65, ‘67, or ‘68. Can anyone shed a little type more re last gut?


Epiphone date

I am buying an Epiphone that seems to be a Studio. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out the code on the metal plate. Can anyone help me? It says it was made in Nashville, TN and the code on plate says: C4090845.

Epiphone Casino Guitar NA.

I have a epiphone guitar Serial no.09011500807. Taken from a label inside the body. can anyone tell me a date it was made and also where it was made.

It's Korean nice guitar

It's Korean nice guitar

Guitar serial numbers

Thank for your help I have a epiphone firebird
And trying to gain info when and where it was made
The number is 0907211193 and on the back of the head
Stock says epiphone custom shop

epiphone serial

I would like epiphone serial C5022420 , is made in Japan ?

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