Warning about TTM Guitars

This is a word of warning for anyone considering dealing with TTM Guitars, based in California.

Over 6 months ago I contacted them about a custom order. The details were agreed and I was invoiced for $425 which I paid up front (in hindsight this was pretty stupid). I also sent some parts to be included in the build including a schaller trem and pickups worth $250.

I was promised it would be completed in a month, but heard nothing in that time. A few more months passed and I was given excuse after excuse why the guitar wasn't completed by 'different' people. In every email they would say "we need three more weeks to complete but it will be worth the wait".

The only communication I had with them was when I sent emails and phone calls where I had to initially pretend to be somebody else just to get through. Eventually I received an email from 'TTM customer services' saying there was a 3 month back order and I could either wait or have a refund.

I contacted them saying I wanted a refund and my parts back. A month passed - nothing. Another month passed - nothing. To cut a long story short I only managed to get the parts back and my money refunded because I reported it to the police and threatened legal action.

So my advice is do not deal with TTM Guitars. They are an incompetent bunch of fools. They don't care about the customer, just the money. The owner Lance is a complete liar and little more than a crook.

If you do a bit of research (which I should have done beforehand) then you'll find many other people that have had the same experience as me. TTM are efficient and friendly until they get your money, then it all changes.

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TTM guitars

So if these are American made, how come they are so cheap? I see average prices between $300 and $1,000.

Even the PRS S2 and CE lines that sell for $1,400. to 2,000. respectively have some parts that were made "off shore".
It just doesn't make any sense. If TTM guitars are truly American made through and through, the labor alone would kill them. They must be practically giving them away, I mean where's the profit come from?

TTM guitars

So if these are American made guitars how come they are so cheap? The prices I'm seeing are between $300. and $1,000.
The American labor alone would kill them.

Even PRS S2 and CE lines that sell for $1,400. to $2,000. respectively have some parts that were made "off shore"
If TTM guitars are truly American made through and through then they must be practically giving them away. Where are the profits coming from? That just doesn't make sense, they must be made off shore.

Bull shit TTM

Hey I had them jack me all round. At lease I got a guitar in the mail after 5 months of bullshit. And when I finally got it it was a different guitar then ordered . Sent it back on my dime . Then they sent me another one I ordered a case with this one . I wait 3 months go by finally the big day and the guitar was not in a case a box and the neck was snapped in two. So now I finally give up want my money back send guitar back on my dime again ! This time I want my money back they send a check I go cash it no funds the check was no good. At thi s point there hiding from me. After another 3 months I get my money back. Crazy this. Was 2008 or 9 . I don't care. If you say the guitars are good or not the people at TTM got rude after they got my money and made a joyful event like ordering a custom guitar a nightmare.


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