What happened to this forum? Yikes!

Hey blokes, mates, chaps, amigos and all that – I haven’t checked in here for a couple months, but right now I’m sort of wishing that I hadn’t - what a dismal wasteland of a forsaken back alley of the internet this one-time active and entertaning forum has become! Did I just see a tumble weed blow by? I’m seeing new folks posting friendly hello messages with no reciprocated friendly response, and wide-eyed, fresh-faced newbies asking what sort of guitar they should buy with no reply. Wow. Is anybody out there?

As for me, my string band Matt Ray and Those Damn Horses is putting the finishing touches on our first C D (a DOUBLE with 14 originals and 16 covers of old standards), and we have bookings coming up all over the place including a return spot at Harvest Fest in Geneva MN, a sweet gig at The Popcorn Bar in La Crosse WI, and a show at the first annual Mid West Music Fest in Winona MN. I've even been on the radio several times in the last year (playing, NOT singing). My rockin’ electric band is also doing fairly well, and I’ll soon be taking delivery of my first “real” acoustic guitar in the form of a Taylor 310ce custom fitted with Fishman electroniks. Sweet!

I miss the old days when fellows like LeeUK, 1bass, and the others would chide my foolish American ways and teach me strange “foreign” words like “cack” and “naff.” I hope you guys are still drawing breath. Take care! :D

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Me too mate :( It's all gone a bit cack recently, good to hear you're getting some stuff recorded...will there be owt available to hear anywhere?

Take it easy.

Hi Tim and vitaminE

Glad to hear you guys are doing well, and yes I'd have to agree things slowed down a bit lately, however I'm back now (if you remember me from the distant past) and I hope to stir things up a little.

Do you guys have any suggestions on how to get this place rocking again?

Toco, Tim, Jason,

I've looked in after an age. I also noticed that long-timer glw has posted in this section a "hi, how's everyone" prior to this one. Must drop him a line and JLR - "Boogieman" has been in touch.

Apart from little access/inclination to slow internet, I've been very inactive on the bass playing front. My son's music teacher has told him to get involved with a band and take up the 4-string. Just bought him a Squier VM Tele bass (with the neckbucker) and feel like I might have something useful to say (makes a change from pre-2009 1BL :wink: ).

I'll try not to be a stranger.

Hi 1bassleft - I've enjoyed reading your new posts lately.

I've been a bit busy - hard to find time to join in - this is definitely the crazy time of the year!

Oh crap 1bl, the one person I didn't want to lose touch with! Good to see you checking back, hope I haven't missed you...

Might re-attempt the email contact again (without a silly sender name...) Hope all's good.

Thanks for the welcomes back. No great need to email me, Tim, as I now keep G-site permanently-ish openon my little netbook. I have been out Spaining myself from 24/12 but have returned to Blighty in the small hours of today.

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