Ugliest Guitars of 2010

Yes - it's back - our famous Ugly Guitar awards.

To see a round up of some of the ugliest guitars from previous years - and to submit your own nominations go to The Ugliest Guitars are Back!

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I think I've found a winning entry.


Man, I remember that...I'd only just recovered on fact :shock: Just wrong on so many levels, "Jake and Dinos Chapman don't make guitars but if they did..."

Yep, it's a previous (and very scary) contestant. Some guitarists like to make love to their guitars...

OK, this one is not so much ugly as pointless, A big confused WHY? from me.[img][/img]

:lol: , ha ha ha, I want one. In left. With 5 strings. Can't have too many knobs. Wonder if the seller's getting rid because he just can't find the right tone?

How to make a guitar even uglier-add crappy gold-metalflake finish

Beyond comment.


Ok not ugly , but thought this might amuse my bass playing friends.


:lol: , those are creative finds Scott. The oversized acoustic reminds me of my avatar and those three guys, :shock: . You'd think with those Zons (very outside our price brackets), they'd afford some decent clobber.

I've had my av for a long time. I'm quite tempted to change to that one (or maybe - sacrilege - use it on another forum I sometimes yak on)

I got all three pics through facebook so steal away, it never occurred to me that Brits might not recognize the three chaps above, tell me you do know "The Three Stooges", my belief is that they were golfing pictures that have been photoshopped over to guitars, that explains the cobber as you so rightfully put it, threads as we yanks would say.That black mess you commented on above, you'd never get to playing, be constantly messing about with switches and sliders and whatnot, sometimes I have trouble deciding which pickup to choose on my PRS three pu model, and that's with only a 5 way and one volume one tone.

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