Ugliest Guitars of 2010

Yes - it's back - our famous Ugly Guitar awards.

To see a round up of some of the ugliest guitars from previous years - and to submit your own nominations go to The Ugliest Guitars are Back!

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Think your LP or Bass is heavy, try this on for size


As a guitarist even I have to admit this would sound much better played on a bass.



Ah yes, I know of the 3 Stooges and now feel a little silly although not as much as if it were, say, the Marx brothers (quite funny films although disappointingly light on explaining Das Kapital or The Communist Manifesto). As you so kindly provided me with the getout, the Zon basses threw me off the scent.

I mentioned on another thread that I'm a slow (music) reader; it took an embarrassing number of seconds before I got the Jaws joke. Tied it neatly with the bloke playing the surfboard-shaped guitar. Wouldn't want to play that sitting on a yacht; from below, his fretboard thrashing might be mistaken for an injured turtle...

And that last guitar reminded me of another cultural export that has come over the pond; Hardcore Pawn. I can just see Les and Seth's faces as that one comes through the door.
EDIT: Just noticed it's 8-strings :shock: .

Yep, thats actually a Mando, I figure he needed a loan to afford to restring it.

Awesome finds Scott (if I can take the liberty of calling you that, still find it weird to call 1BL Oz!)

The switchy one is the antithesis of the bass I want: 2 pups, 3-way switch, master volume, fin. Not even sure if I need the volume...

Having said that, quite fancy strapping a Chaos Pad on a la Matt Bellamy! There's been one hanging around a certain pawn shop in Leeds for a year or two now for about £80 I think...really don't need...but...

but could you overtake Leonard and Sheldon's expertise at "Rock Band" with it?

Proof that even the mighty Gibson can make a really bad guitar.

Not sure if this has ever been posted before, If not I think I've found a winner.

Sadly, Scott, I think that playable ad for anti-fungal foot cream has appeared in a previous year. As for your other one, I confess I was thinking "OK, it's not pretty, but why flag up... oh, crikey - it's a Gibson :shock: "

I wonder how much that is meant to cost? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of a large wad. There is a TV ad that Tim would know, "Should've gone to Specsavers" :)

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