The Worst Colour/Finish/Detail on a guitar - post them in.

OK, ive said this on another thread, but i think one of the worst finishes to my eyes, is this:
some will disagree, some will say there are worse, but how many will say they love it??

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:shock: I've sometimes wondered what would happen if a guy with severe bronchial asthma, 40-a-day, and a bad cold walked into a music store. Now I know.

What's with the "Sorry, none of these is for sale!" line? Are they still scraping it off? OK Lee, you've set the bar high, but I'm-a-hunting to beat that.

OK, here is my first thought. I'm sure James builds some fantastic guitars although I 've never had the opportunity to touch one. However, "Rust" as a finish strikes me as a bit bizarre. That's the same finish I have on my old Ford Explorer! SB

Just clicked the link, SB. Jeez-H:shock: ! I had a look at this bass: Not only is it the ugliest amalgam; it's also $3000+ :shock: . They might call it "unique" and "distinctive", but so is wearing a Fez in a supermarket. Dunkmore Semen pups - so what? Hawaiian koa neck - so what? I'd love to know where the other $3k goes.

SB raises the bar to 2.9m (about 9ft).

ps, I own an Italian sports car that lives in NW England. Do I know about "rust finish"? Factory standard :P :(

Over the course of the last 17 years, I've absorbed a fair amount of abuse over the color of my Stratocaster. "Big pink Hondo" and "wallpapered wonder" are just a few of the slams I've had to endure.

I still think it's cool.

Those pink paisleys are big sellers, a lot of people like them, but i think you do have to be a bit brave to get up on a north london pub stage on a saturday night to play one. I bet that one is a Jap reissue too, those necks are something else on those guitars.
What is it with the green vol knob?? is there a story there??

Toco, count me in as a pink-paisley appreciator. I'd like a Tele-bass (lefty, please) in paisley. If you do take stick for it, remember; what's good enough for Lennon's Rolls is good enough for your guitar.

1. He never drove it :lol:
2. The windows were blacked out in the back :lol:
3. He always wore dark sunglasses when out in it :lol:
4. He was in his 'L.S.D' experimental period when he owned it. :lol:
5. He always had 5 bodyguards shielding him when he got out of it to get in to Abbey Rd :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

But he is the most creative artist ever in the whole world (to own a pink roller/bentley)

:lol: :lol: :lol: , Lee. It's all true, but the Roller's worth more than today's Maybach. Does it prove anything (in strict % terms)? No, but it does mean you can stick with what you're comfortable with, even for a laugh, and play it.

Anybody can be cool with a '57 Strat. Me, I'd prefer eBay fill up with "as played by 1bassleft" hype sales for a weird alternate. As long as it's not a Hondo. Or a rusty, bronchial, thing. Paisley tele; now that floats my boat.

I live in a small mining town in Northern Minnesota, and there are some pretty tough crowds in the local bars. I’ve probably been tempting fate by wielding the pink strat for all these years. I though for a moment that if I could handle the meth freaks in our local pubs, I could easily stand up to the North London crowd. Then, I remembered that my only experience with socialists is occasional contact with friendly Canadians and that you vicious Sids would probably eat me alive!

As for the green knob on the strat, the drummer from my band in college procured several large and multicolored sheets of the adhesive-backed reflective material from which road signs are made. We proceeded to cut the stuff up and paste it all over our instruments - don’t try this at home because it’s a pain in the a$$ to remove! Aluminum foil, duct tape, and green knobs were added for maximum effect. This was my first trio and I tried really hard to step up to the task. Now, 12 years later I listen to some of those old tapes and marvel at the guy on guitar. In those days I had nothing and I was perpetually stoned and pissed off. I’ve found out now that comfort and prosperity equals mediocre guitar playing. The green knob remains to remind me that I didn’t always suck at playing guitar.

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