The Worst Colour/Finish/Detail on a guitar - post them in.

OK, ive said this on another thread, but i think one of the worst finishes to my eyes, is this:
some will disagree, some will say there are worse, but how many will say they love it??

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Mick Ronson, terrific chap etc, but this Epi LP "Mick Ronson" is for serious (and colourblind) fans only:

It's on eBay, so the pic won't be around forever (thankfully). What has that wood been stained to? Ebony piping and gold hardware to boot :shock:

The "Marble/Bowling Ball" Strat was not a pretty guitar.

:shock: Competition over, we have a winner. For a major manuf's standard finish, "bowling ball" surely cannot be beaten. Absolutely vile.

BTW, Lee - I saw another "Antigua" on Fleeb, this time grey-black, and noticed that the pickguard was also partly sprayed. Yuck.

Gee, I thought I'd win for sure with the "Rust" finish but 1bass is right. That bowling ball finish is the most obscene amalgam of color I've ever seen on a guitar. Good find bulsara! SB

Ive just had 3 tins of Carlsberg Export (the one the Danes hate to see leave) and i must say the Micky Ronson has a certain appeal.... i think i need to lie down for a while.. :?

Your eyes Lee, they're playing mind games on you. Open up a womens mag and tell me if you find Carmilla Parker Bowles has a "certain appeal"?

Buls.. you made into GNW "And Finally..." ... Whilst we have had some mighty finds, I think most of us would agree that Buls has atleast won heat 1 :)

I think we know the women in magazines that have a "certain appeal" for Lee... staples through their midriff. Mind you, with her money, Camilla's already had that done. Gruesome thought... :shock:

Speaking of gruesome; if you'd had another 7 tinnies, Lee, then retched over a nearby Strat (Gibby-lover that you are :wink: ), you'd have got your own "bowling ball" finish. Adding my own congrats to Buls - "millenial post competition" winner and GNW featured all in the same week. Does life get any better? :)

1. i think the Antigua strat is far more horrid than the Marble Bowling ball.
2. The Mick Ronson has my tongue hanging out.... whats wrong with it? what am i missing?
3. i would love to take Camilla doggy style in the stable, i bet she goes like a train, and im waiting for her to feature in this months FHM.
(8 tins of Export will now never make it back to Denmark)

Well it was no definite winner, just a possible... maybe we have a showdown on the horizon :D

I've taken a second look at the Antigua and it hurts my eyes. I'm not sure if it's just the dodgy photograph or both.

Sorry, the Antigua is a bad idea, but the bowling ball is the product of a sick (literally) mind. OK, found the barmiest guitar. Now, spare a thought for the complete lack of logic that makes some bass players open a wallet. Not, strictly, a 'finish' problem - just barking mad all over. NB, these aren't from the back pages of the catalogue where the kid's toys are - these are high-end, wallet wringers. Step forward Ritter:

and Basslab:

I rest my case (containing a dubious-looking, "Bird's eye Koa" topped eye-acher:

My main bass :shock:

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