The Worst Colour/Finish/Detail on a guitar - post them in.

OK, ive said this on another thread, but i think one of the worst finishes to my eyes, is this:
some will disagree, some will say there are worse, but how many will say they love it??

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This thread just keeps getting cheesier and cheesier with each post and I'm lovin it.

Rocklogicxx, thanks for showing us that one, I'm sure it's your pride and joy! :)

Ray I will be sending you a bill from my optomotrist re: the BigBeat.

No prize as of yet Lee, but I'm thinking maybe a bit further down the track we might have to hold a poll so we can all vote on one. As for a prize, no promises as of yet :)

Oh, so the Russians are allowed? I didn't realize the gloves are off...

From the Brandoniguitars website, this pearloid-covered Strat copy doesn't do justice. I have their catalogue, costing £1 for the privilege of some of the most lovingly-stapled pages of unremitting eye-ache yet seen. The "engraved and jewelled" ones are something else:

ps, dave - I thought I was a self-styled Fenix/YC expert. I had no idea they carried on long enough to be inspired by the "Changing Rooms" distressed-glaze look. Perhaps they went on to do the Lime-Green MDF model with rag-roll effect?

pps, Lee - the Custom Shop Disney job I posted is one of a 150 (thankfully) limited edition. I'm nigh-certain that the original Disney-present was a carved top, with Mickey jumping out at you. Oh, the horror :shock:

That Brandoni is quite tasty, As for the Disney. i didnt realise it was a limited run, i thought it was a one off, so its in the running, it is truely tacky, i wonder if they managed to shift the whole 150 guitars?

Speaking of Changing Rooms, I'm sure I've seen Laurence in the same floral suit pattern as this....

Lee, somehow, I just knew you'd like the pearloid Strat :P . The question is, which does the vinyl suck fastest; the looks or the tone? Set your stopwatches! Mike, where did that aberration come from? Daisyrock meets Bertie Bassett?

Where else but eBay UK.

Of course, where else? As found in the British Lions changing rooms, perhaps? :cry:

Oh, and please have a look at before coming to any decision. Wall-to-wall iris-torture.

Oh come on 1b... they arent all that bad ... Most .. yes... but not all. :D

Firstly the 99 cent Green Goblin -

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