The Worst Colour/Finish/Detail on a guitar - post them in.

OK, ive said this on another thread, but i think one of the worst finishes to my eyes, is this:
some will disagree, some will say there are worse, but how many will say they love it??

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that one counts, it is truely hideous, and i cant imagine anyone wanting to buy it, so its a good 'un. :lol:

OK, in that case I have another one for you.

The ESP Devil Girl:

glw, although Lee is desperate to win a trophy, I rule all your entries as admissable eye-ache. The sprained-class "Birth of Jesus" Gibson... :shock: ... Did any examples survive an immediate strike from a bolt of lightning? And the Epiphone has to be towed to gigs by some porky diesel saloon? I love the 'attractive' bint modelling it. The same tactic is used with full-size caravans, draped with totty. The subliminal message is, "No, you are not middle-aged for wanting this comfortable 4-berther with chemical toilet! You really are a wildchild freedom-seeker getting back to nature - and 20somethings in bikinis will fancy you, honestly"

Is it just me, or does that ESP look like it will melt if placed too near a radiator?

I believe the ESP Devil Girl body was moulded from some kind of plastic, so who knows...

It might look better melted.

Dare I post a picture of the Bender Distortocaster at this point?

Please. I would love to know what a "Distortcaster" looks like.

The devil girl guitar looks a bit Welsh, and anything that looks remotely Welsh goes into premier league status, top 10 definatly, cant look R'n'R with lookie likey red dragon round your neck, nobody who ever made it big from Wales went back there to live.... :lol: boyo.

Hey I'm Welsh, so let's not have any welsh-bashing, thank you very much!

Look again at the Welsh flag and you'll see it's a red dragon and not bloody bat girl.

Anyway, some great bands have come out of Wales, e.g. the magnificient Super Furry Animals.

OK, I'm off to find a picture of a Distortocaster for you.

It's a Strat that's had a make-over by Salvador Dali.

There was a guy recently selling one of these on eBay and also a Collision bass.

They are made by Brian Eastwood (whose website now seems to be dead, unfortunately).

And here's another scary design on a production guitar... Who remembers the Gibson Corvus?


The weird thing is; a distortocaster worked (in exactly the same way that a Hondo didn't). Are they in any way related to the "Eastwood - Jack White" specimens?

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