My Dixon acoustic guitar!

Hey everyone,

I am a music major at OSU and I am picking up acoustic guitar as my secondary instrument. I have a Dixon guitar, Odessa, model number D17. I've tried looking up my model number to see just how old this guitar is and if it has any value. I haven't had any luck so far, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. I've looked all over the guitar for a serial number, but haven't found one.

I plan on taking the guitar back with me to college, and if it's valuable, I may look into getting something that I won't regret if it gets stolen. (I don't live in the best neighborhood).

Also, are Dixon guitars good guitars? I know my dad bought this guitar a long time ago, but it has barely been played. Are there any things that you know about Dixon guitars that I should be wary of? (for example, do specific parts on them tend to break, etc.?)

Thanks for your help!

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Dixon from what I understand is a "knock off" company from Japan. That means they produce cheaper models of popular guitars. There's no shame in a Japanese copycat guitar. If you like it and it sounds good, then you have the best guitar money can buy. :0) I'm afraid it's not worth a lot. Thanks to the mass production of guitars and our cultures lack of appreciate for such a fine instrument, it's hard to find a vintage guitar that's worth a butt load of money. I don't see many Dixons in my neck of the woods and that maybe true for a lot of guitarists so you might have a conversation starter on your hands when you pull it out.

Thanks so much! I figured it probably wasn't worth anything, but I thought checking up on it would be a good idea. I do love the guitar; it plays reasonably well, and it belonged to my father so it has sentimental value for me. Maybe I can pass it on one day... well that's if I don't play it until it dies :)

I'm very interested in your Dixon. Would you be interested in selling it? I grew up playing a dixon and I lost it in a tragic accident. I have been searching for years for it's twin.

odessa acoustic

I have an Odessa D17-12 twelve string guitar if you are interested in it. If so you may contact me via email and I will respond rapidly.

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