Need some advice from bassists

I've been thinking about picking up a bass and bass amp for just kickin around, possibly to lay some tracks for doing some recording. Those of you that know me know that I'm a guitar guy, never played bass, so what I'm asking is advice on decent cheap starter gear, I don't want to dump much $ into it as it would just be for fun and hobby stuff, it needs to be brands that are common in the US, I'm considering both new stuff and used, if new I'll probably buy from one of the big web seller stores as there are no guitar shops where I live, if I go used I'd like advice on things to check for and avoiding pitfalls. Are pawn shops a decent option?Best brands for beginners? Whats your take on the entry level Squires, Epi's and any others?

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Not much added info other than "great sounding bass" :roll: . I expect it to be an Affinity, made in Indonesia to fairly frugal standards but it has the P+J pups and D'Addario strings that have done a few laps but they look like flatwounds which, IMO, sound better with age.

Useful to gauge price and I'd even consider throwing a ca $65 bid at it; a perfectly decent start in bass for that sort of money.

That auction ended @ $77. That sort of thang, at that sort of price, is just Goldilocks. A sale or auction local to you should get your attention, IMO.

BTW, my Maestro arrived on Friday. Not perfect but, at $136, the basis for a seriously decent axe.

1Bass where's the pix, we want to see some of this new axe. BTW do you have an opinion on this , a bit pricy for a starter bass and not too likely to find one used but I might just go this way anyway.

I am with you all the way 1 Bass.She'd love any of the "Tele" basses you mentioned.A s for the bland Peavey bass amps,I do not think it really matters for her at this time.She just wants something to knock around with.The smaller Peavey stuff would be fine,mostly because they are cheap and seem to work almost every time you turn one on !!!!

Good luck on findung a cheaper bass and amp.

BASS PLAYERS ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8)

Hey 1bass-------------- give her the lowdown on the mm bass and adding a Warman . I finally got mine complete and it is really quite good. I even checked it out comparing to a friends real MM. It is amazing indeed. 8)

Pretty well decided to search for a Squire Jazz,modified or delux,no affinities thats for sure, seems I can get one used for about 100-120 and a decent peractice amp for 40-60 more, BTW boogie-I am a He not she, thats just an avatar, but thanks for the reply anyway

Hey man sorry about that. The Jazzer is a good choice for you.I now a little about Fender basses. I own every year of P Bass from 1853 through 1968 and currently play on the bandstand with a Fender Custom shoe 1954 Tele bass and a John Bolin built Tele bass,

Thanks for joining thisforum. Ask any bass or amp question at any time. Between myself and bass, and all the other " Bass dudes" here I just bet you can get almost anything about basses answered.

Keep The Grease in the groove and PLAY THAT BASS !!!!

Jimmy Lloyd Rea


Hey I meant 1bassleft . Great guy and vast knowledge of ALL THINGS BASS !!!!

Hi, sorry to be quiet but I've been in Malaga and have briefly returned before heading back again later today. Scott, that Maestro MM5-style bass I mentioned is on the 1st page of this thread (big pic, sorry). I'm really pleased with it at <$140 and would recommend it to you but for (1) The Stingray kind of thing is not everyone's 1st and only bass and (2) there are little quality issues to address. Nothing major; fret leveling mainly but a Squier, for example, is usually more sorted out of the box. I'm going to make it great, though, and Jimmy mentions the Warman pup.

This Maestro has a decent but not Stingray-sounding pup and passive electronics. I was going to use the bass as a mule for my genuine Ernie Ball triple coil MM5 pup and a Duncan preamp. The best compliment I can pay the Warman, £15, pickup is that my long-intentioned project (I've had the EB pup over 10 years) is instead simply going to have the Warman MM5, an EMG BTC preamp and series/parallel switching. That's what I did for my son's OLP (another great used buy, Scott, if a Stingray style appealed) and the sound is simply fantastic. I've A/B/C'd the Warman Stingray stylee against the Wilkinson, Maestro, OLP and even the much pricier Seymour Duncan ceramic and it comes tops. It would take the likes of a Nordstrand on, IMO.

Anyhoo, back to your search. Yes, I like the idea of a Squier VM Jazz (I really like the 70s style with the block markers) and I think you're right to pass on the Affinities which are a bit too low rent for someone of your capabilities. If a Squier Japan passed my radar, whether MIJ, CIJ, 80s, 90s, Silver Series or whatever I would jump on that in preference. The Japanese Squiers are beautifully done and only 80s ones with JV, SQ or E serial numbers attract interest. 90s ones, even clearly described, don't attract the interest, especially in the US. Even here in Britain I had to pass on this one:

because my son now has too many basses for his semi-interest. All clearly listed is 1990/1, MIJ (better than CIJ) and an SD 1/4lb pup, yet no-one put in a bid @ £125 and the seller pulled.

Which reminds me, Scott. Keep a very close eye on any VM or suchlike with a starting price of around $100. All of my bargains have been because of a start that's still cheap but high enough to put people off sticking it in their watch list.

e.g., VM P (Telebass) £100 start, I got for £102, a later £1 auction finished at £175.
Squier Mike Dirnt with 30W Ibanez amp + Fender strap + lead, £100 start, I got for £121, later auction of the bass alone crossed £150.

Love those starter prices that make everyone forget to put it in a watch list and you're only up against one other bid. Of course, a regular scan of Craig's List is always worthwhile.

GREAT POST OZ !!!! :lol:

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