The really crappy 2000 post competition

Guys we are closing in on 2000 posts and these forums are really starting to become a community. Some really good advice, great regulars... it's shaping up better and better each day.

At the time of writing this, there's 1957 posts. If we reach 2000 posts by say around the end of Friday, the person who makes the 2000th post can have their own choice of coloured "squares" under their avatar as well as their choice of title where it says "Jammin' hot" etc. (I never said it was a great prize)

Please, please, please no reply posting to topics with "That is great" and"Hah" etc etc just to get closer to the mark. Lets keep it fair, it's just a bit of fun.

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With the power of The Most Highest Mod, Mike could reward the deliberate padder with the legend "unnecessarily talkative" :P . I'll try to maintain radio silence :wink: .

if i get it i will pass it on to a more deserving candidate....not. :lol:

*cough* 1996 ...was a great year.

Another good year was 1997... I hope 2000 is better than this post though! :)

Pick me! Pick me!

bulsara wrote:
Pick me! Pick me!

Sung to part of a possibly recognizable Queen tune...

I just flamed Bulsara
Put a word into his head
Clicked submit and now he's read (it)

I didn't want to lose
But if I don't post back here this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on

It doesn't really matter
Losing posting comps
Losing doesn't matter much to me :cry:

:lol: :lol: , pants. "Twisted lyrics" - is "rhapsody" in the Guinness book for most twists? eg, "Mama, just killed a man/ put my arse against his head/ let rip and now he's dead"

or The Barron Knights "Is that your real wife?/ She is so fat you see/ Have you seen her corsets/ expand to infinity?"

When Rolf Harris (An Australian icon who lives in England) wanted to parody Bohemian Rhapsody he wanted to use the line "momma just killed a man, put a pencil against his head, slipped and filled him full of lead".

Apparently the rest of the song was to be like this but "His Majesty the Great Sir Brian 'I built my own guitar' May objected so it never happened.

I am a huge Queen fan and did not see this as offensive. How does 'Weird Al' get away with it? He is another talent!

I don't know why Bo Rap is parodied so often, maybe it is because so many people have affection for it and want a little piece of it!

I can remember the first time my wife and I went to London, we went to a pub in Bloomsbury that happened to have a karaoke night on. Of course I requested Bo Rap, the host said he does not really like playing it but since we were from OZ he way play it for us, he said it usually does not go over very well, by the second verse most of the pub were on their feet singing as one.

Similarly, Buls, I was taking time out from a dull conference + playing pool with some others when the landlord (no juke) piped "Dark Side of the Moon". Amazing how many people (me included, hadn't played it in years) were singing along:
"Far away/across the fields"... "For want of the price/of tea and a slice..." etc. A good toon sticks.

Strange character, BM. When you consider how much the other guys had the tongue rammed in their cheeks (awful pun not intended), he must've got the SOH bypass. I can understand the irritation at the "Why the hair and clogs?" questions, but the bloke's uberserious.

On TV (so I'm no exp, just recalling what I saw), Ben Elton had a real struggle with the musical "We Will Rock You". Ben (a genuine fan) had heard Queen's own parody tape of "One Vision" called "Fried Chicken" and made it a central piece of his musical. Up pops BM with this "You're not taking it seriously" line :roll: . The show's a hit, BTW.

Weird Al - whattaguy. "Another One Rides The Bus" isn't his best but we're talking quality Jacko-rip:
"Eat it/eat it/eat it/ eat it/ - Open up your mouth and feed it.
Have some more yoghurt/ have some more Spam
It doesn't matter/ if it's fresh or canned
Just Eat It"

and "Smells Like Nirvana":
"It's hard to talk/ with marbles in your mouth
and argle farble unnf arble owf"

With the "gargle" solo :lol:

PS, Rolf's "Stairway to Heaven" is one of my favorite covers.


After getting a message from hit squad the other day I came back to that forum and now here as well, and thought I'd better bump this thread for 2 very important reasons:

1. My contribution was totally brilliant!
2. What about another competition guys?


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