Someone just GAVE me a Set of EMG pickups!!!

one EMG 85 Humbucker ( I like the sound better than the 81's) and 2 "singles" he said they were from an old BC Rich that he "threw away." They are white though :( Painting them wont screw up the sound will it? I also need some good links to Wire them up. He only had the pickups so I have to get the POTS? The Sterio Jack (i think) of Course a 9v clip, and??? I still want to be able to use my Newly Purchased Screamon Deamon pickup in the neck possition so I need a "phase inverter" and something else but I foget?? Switch the Polarity? Flip a magnet maybe? Any help would be appreciated :)
Thanks Mates

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Aside from sounding a little more "fat" when compaired to the EMG 85 the S.D. Screamin Deamon sounds fine... I mean it doesn't have anywhere near the output of a 85 running 18volts, but for a passive pup I don't have any problem with it. I ordered 25k CTS mini pots (what the emg website calls for) today. As soon as they arrive and I install them I'll let you all know if the tone control works now...

Vrewooowwww! Welp I got the new Pots installed an all hooked up. Man what a difference GOOD pots with the correct resistance make. The Tone knob actually works now too. ALthough when I've got my amp on distortion you can't tell the differance at all. But set to clean and you can definitely hear the tone differences. Oh well... it's about and hour past my bedtime so...
L8er all :lol:

'Thrasher, sounds good. Except you feel the need to sleep. C'mon -where's the rock'n'roll :?: :lol:

Joking aside, the correct pots do help. Wrong values = no response. For others looking in, it is a bit tedious to check up, but well worth it. Suddenly, the unresponsive guitar can sing (at a cost of just a few bills).

Well my bed time is actually about 2 hours after I SHOULD be in bed. I got my CTS mini pots of of They were cheap as heck. It's the waiting that gets ya. I'm thinking about wiring up a seperate knob just for my seymor duncan screamin deamin, so its running 500Kohm and not 25kohm. I just cant find any good diagrams for that, and I don't like soldering, and then un soldering then resoldering...

'thrasher, that does sound like a good idea. Last time I looked, guitarelectronics encouraged people to post in a challenging wire-up. Give them a go (but I'll have a thunk over my lengthy hols).


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