Show us your.............Guitar

Below is a link to my website that shows my guitars. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Some are Diamonds some are Swine. Love them all.

Just click on the "My Guitars" button.

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Where have i seen the pink paisley before? i recognise the green vol knob? have you displayed it before? maybe Ebay? :?

Toco had a link to it on page 1 of your "Worst finish" thread, Lee. We both sided as fans of the pink paisley. The link's now been removed, although the text is there. BTW, what have I said that you didn't understand, Toco? I'm polishing up my Spanish as I'm out there tomorrow. Oh, and guess which of your instruments I liked best? I'm going to copy it into some image editor and mirror it. Then wish.

wietse - Iam so jealous, you almost have your own guitar store!

I am green with envy. I'd never really want that many because I'd never have time to play them all; but I love to have my pick of 2 or 3.

The insurance bill on the room eh wietse :D

Awesome collection and awesome site.

Michael wrote:
The insurance bill on the room eh wietse :D

Awesome collection and awesome site.

thanks, i 'm busy updating my site but that takes more time than i wanted due to a harddisk crash.
all my backups are gone so i have to copy the site manually into the program i used for building the site.
since the crash a few months ago my collection grew with 5 guitars, this one is the latest addition.

needs some work all the plates are gone, there has to be schratchplates on both sides and on both sides of the tremelo, this is visible due to small plugged screwholes on those locations.
and the only schratch plate on it is not original and orange :( .
if anyone could help me getting a picture of a guitar like this with all it's original plates that would be greatly apreciated.

What is that guitar? It looks kinda familiar. I fancy perhaps I knew someone who had one when I was a kid. The ol' brain is going these days, though...

it's a Audition, model 7003 that's all i know, couldn't find any pictures of it on the net.
possible this model was available under a wide range of names what was normal for Kawai made guitars.

This is my latest baby. It's a Sanox Sound Creator japanese-made Strat copy from the 1970s. Oh yeah, and its body is made from clear perspex, in case you hadn't noticed. It's a bit like the guitar that Nile Rodgers used to play in Chic (his had a clear scratchplate though). It does have a trem but I've opted not to use it (I don't like them). It's got a fair amount of battle scars, but plug it in and it sounds wicked! It's got that certain vibe, that 'mojo' that's missing from so many modern guitars.

Does anyone know anything about Sanox Sound Creator guitars? I can find very little about them other than they built a few high-quality copies of Gibsons and Fenders, and even made a copy of Fender's short-lived "Lead" model, which wasn't exactly a popular guitar to start with.

Wow, huge collection. How could you get so much money to pay for all of that? That's insane. Awesome collection, keep it up.

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