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Below is a link to my website that shows my guitars. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Some are Diamonds some are Swine. Love them all.

Just click on the "My Guitars" button.

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That does look sweet (I'd change the knobs myself but thats a preference) and as I've preached endlessly elsewhere I really don't see the point in paying over the odds for a badge or for 'vintage' status, My main bass cost £200 and kicks ass. If you choose a guitar on sound you'll play it more, and get better and be more confident. If you choose it on price, you'll polish it and worry about it at gigs. IMO (and bit of experience)

I think Staggs are excellent VFM and light years better starter instruments than what was offered for similar money ten or twenty years ago. A fine choice of instrument for its purpose.

The cutaway on that guitar looks like a droopy tongue. :D

One thing to be said about 'badged' guitars like Gibson and Fender is, if you buy a used one and sell it 10 years later, you will get more back than you paid for it.
A Stagg will depreciate faster than a fully loaded yellow Rover 75. :lol:

and yes I would have loved a "badged" guitar-in fact i was all set to buy an EPI LP except that the only one I could afford was either the single set control model (Studio) or the L210? and what i read of the L210 wasn't very good and it would have cost me even more than what I did buy--also on the day I bought the Stagg, I went back to the guitar mega store and replayed the EPI Studio model and the Stagg actually felt better in the neck and the frets-it also had more tone in the Humbuckers, and the finish was miles ahead of the one on the cheap EPI. I really wanted a LP style-considered the SG EPI but I had my heart set on a LP, I played the other brands I could afford, Ibenez, Rich,Yamaha.and Squire both the Tele and the Strat . I liked the play of mine better, and the fact that it had a tuneomatic bridge was a also a factor, in short I still think I got the best I could for My bucks in the price range I had. I know it most likely won't appreciate in value, but I also think that 20 years ago people might have said the same for the cheaper Fenders and EPI's, ya never know what time will spin out. Thanks for the replies and btw I love this forum,I am very glad I happened to find it.

I was thinking more of a Gibson rather than an Epiphone, but even these 'under license' brands hold their value more than the 'Stags' and 'Crafters' etc.
Dont get me wrong there is absolutly nothing wrong with the VFM (Value for Money) on these cheaper brands, i have a Crafter parlour guitar in my little collection and it plays very well, also i have a Sattelite 1970's bass, dont tell 1bassleft i told you that, i was merely saying that if you pay £900 for a Used Gibson Les Paul Standard today, you will probably increase it's value in 5 yrs time. But then Gibson do have a habbit of knocking their prices up every year.
Eg: i bought a 1998 SG standard in cherry, brand new in 98' with a hard case, i got it for £485, would i have a problem selling that today for the same money? have a check on ebay, i think they go for £600 plus.
Even the cheaper out of USA sub branded guitars like Epiphone and Squier hold money and some go off the scale, especialy the 70's and 80's jap models, but i dont think the same will happen with Stag and Crafter and Cruiser, but like you say their are some excellent VFM models out there.

best deal I could find on a new or used Gibson LP any model was about $700 US--thats almost 1 and 1/2 times what I put into MY whole rig--besides I alsready have so much $ in to accoustic---the old ball and chain was a tough sell for the all electric deal anyway. Would have loved a Gib-has been my dream guitar ever since the first time I saw Zepplin in concert.

Like i said, theres nothing wrong with the setup you have, the important thing is that you are happy with the sound and playabilty of the guitar,
i was merely talking about resale values.

Actually I had a girl friend that had breasts that looked like that cutaway!!

That's a great image I have now, 601 :lol: , it either puts me off that Stagg or snuggling upto Mrs ex-601 :)

FWIW, Lee, I don't buy into this obsession with resale value of lower-price guitars. If it's good and playable and inspires further study/playing, then it's money well spent. Seeing as a Stagg is often sub-£100, then even when depreciation can be 70+%, the money lost is still so-what.

Truly terrible 70s guitars (such as the Satellite) can sell on Fleeb for more than a new Stagg and that, we'd all agree, is barking mad.

That my girlfriends breast are more like the tail end of the guitar than the cutaway--otherwise I might have had to trade off the guitar after that "lovely" imaging. :D

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