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Below is a link to my website that shows my guitars. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Some are Diamonds some are Swine. Love them all.

Just click on the "My Guitars" button.

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1bassleft wrote:
That's a great image I have now, 601 :lol: , it either puts me off that Stagg or snuggling upto Mrs ex-601 :)

FWIW, Lee, I don't buy into this obsession with resale value of lower-price guitars. If it's good and playable and inspires further study/playing, then it's money well spent. Seeing as a Stagg is often sub-£100, then even when depreciation can be 70+%, the money lost is still so-what.

Truly terrible 70s guitars (such as the Satellite) can sell on Fleeb for more than a new Stagg and that, we'd all agree, is barking mad.

In the dark old days of the 70's and early 80's a Gibson or Fender would actualy improve your playing, if you was on a budget in those days you had to contend with a Hohner or Colombus, they were serious tecnique hinderers, action like a pedal steel and hardware made by the same company that churned out Hornby railway sets.
But nowadays the youth has it easy, China is our saviour, for your £100 you get it all.
Budget instruments have come a long way, but, i'd still rather invest £100 on a 90's jap squier Strat, rather than a Chinese PRS copy.
Just my own POV. :lol:

If you're getting Jap Squier Strats for £100, I don't blame you :shock:

Save one for me.

lol Wietse, all you need to complete that is a left handed Toni Iommi Gibson SG and a Dimebag Razorback. That and possibley an Angus Young \m/.

1bassleft wrote:
If you're getting Jap Squier Strats for £100, I don't blame you :shock:

Save one for me.

Sold one last month for £110, on ebay, tried to make up the money with a £20 postage but the winner lived in Colchester, i think he spent £20 on petrol driving to pick it up.
Had the cheek to ask for a trem arm too! at that price.
Jap squiers don't fetch that much Bass, which is why they are such a good deal.
I recently got a 1984/87 Jap Squier Strat in white, upgraded graph saddles, a beautiful rosewood neck, and a set of 3 Kinman pickups, with a hard case too, £180.
And its one of the best Strats ive played.

Im picking this Rickenbacker 650C up on Sunday, doing a straight swap for a Ric 360 with the black hardware, Mapleglow, 80's model.
I love the colour of this one, suppose you either love it or hate it.
Sparkly blue, with chrome hardware and maple neck...phwoarrrr.

In the darker shots it looks like a midnight blue which I really like. Lighter with the flash, but still love it. The maple neck goes perfect with the blue.

Shall be awesome.

The 360 is the better "investment" for conservative, boring types, but I like the look of that 650 myself. Never even heard of one before now. 8)

The 360 is a little, fat, bald man's guitar.

:shock: . Runs, ducks, looks for Andersen shelter. Tells Mike to stay outside and look for metal things falling from sky making "wheeeeee" noises... :lol:

So, do Ric 360s and Rolex Oyster watches go hand in hand, then?

All I've got to say is you know what they say about people who play short n stubby Rickys. Lee opted for the better choice in my opinion.

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