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Below is a link to my website that shows my guitars. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Some are Diamonds some are Swine. Love them all.

Just click on the "My Guitars" button.

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You're right, glw. I had a look at Arni's Hamer on and it is as you say. I was too tired to come back here and correct it. Most 8-strings are, as you say, high-funda, high-funda etc looking down from above. The idea being that finger stylers will pluck the fundamental first and the octave string will be more subtle. Ric does do it the other way and, because I play plec or thumg-down a lot, I prefer it that way myself. I bought a righty 8-neck for some never-light-of-day project. If I get it built, the reversed righty nec will give that funda-oct, funda-oct layout.

I can't help thinking that I did see somewhere, once, an oct-funda-oct 12-string. Can't remember anything else like brand name. I used to (maybe they're still there) see new 10-string basses sold on eBay, but righties only. I'd be seriously tempted by a reasonably cheap lefty ten-string.

:roll: All 3 strings tuned alike ?? as a 12 string guitar??

601 - yeah, one root and two strings an octave higher than the root.

:shock: Man tell you what !! doin da bass lines on my new Cd this last year and gettin into dat Hamer 5 string I have to admit Iam in love not just with da hamer but with da bass period,I love that thunder around me and I love to lay down those grooves. Iam Thinkin about gettin a live rig and maybe doin some bass work at some shows, Ilike my 5 string, what about amp?? ampeg? Kruger? Hartke? if I get sometin its gotta be badass!! whatcha Think??? :shock:

Blues bass is the best sound in the world. Any ops on the bass rigs mentioned? (1BL?) because I've never seen a bad review of a Krueger and I'm quite tempted, but I haven't played one yet...

Don't buy a Peavey would be my only advice.

My problem, and I ought to get professional help for it, is that I have to play through valves/tubes. I'm so anal I have preferences for EL34s over 6550s and, given the money or the luck, Mullard valves over those tightlipped, sterile, Russian brands.

I'd say that a tube amp sounds best with blues bass, too. My favourite is the Marshall Superbass and the HiWatt, but they cost a bomb now. I've never had the "lack of headroom" problem that some bassists yak on about, because I actually hate that hifi, biddidy-dink SS tone. Remembering a thread on The Bottom Line, the most popular makes (US-orientated) were Eden (tremendously expensive valve heads) and SWR. Still quite a few that won't part with their SVT Ampeg.

One thing I have found out (sadly, others are cottoning on and prices are going up) is that bass is perfectly OK through an old valve PA head. They sell for relatively small money because their obvious job - amplifying vocals - is one that they suck majorly at. If more watts or less weight were an issue, I mustard mitt that the hybrids do work. The Ashdowns with a 12AX7 are very impressive - Paul McCartney and Roger Waters both used them at Live 8. I can't speak for the Krueger because I spend most of my time playing through or hunting for smelly old glass-driven amps but, as you say, well-regarded amps and certainly worth a tryout.

:shock: Well Ive heard the ampeg, a good friend ,Bull,plays with the house rockers has one ,sounds good ! and I ve heard the Kuger full stack either 6or800 watts it kicked butt big time I loved the clean pop it had!! a good friend Harry Cowart,played with the B Gees,and Berry Gibb, also with Strisand, a bassman as you know sez the Krugers are his choice! The Kuger Backline is 350 watts and goes for about 800 USD thats not bad but is 350 enough to push Iam gonna check it out!! Ive Heard about the Hartke its supposed to be a badass but Ive never heard one. Behringer makes a sweet Bass combo Ive heard a 120 watt 1 speaker, has a super bass setting which sounds like a bass chouris, really sounds good 199. USD great deal but to small for me, But They have Larger Heads and Cabs, very Cheap,

I wasn't particularly dissing any bass amp; more like explaining my personal obsession that makes me a not very objective commentator. That clean pop, it doesn't suit what/how I play and it's not a sound I particularly like to listen to but that's me rather than the amp.

I do have ali-coned, neo-thingy speakers like the Hartke and they're great. All the vintage-types were urging me to keep the Fane drivers in my cab but yanking them out was an excellent move (throwing them in the skip wasn't though :oops: ). All that flobby, inarticulate boff was instantly replaced by crisp, punchy notes (still with all the valve amp's good points, though). It really showed up some sloppy playing I'd been getting away with and I had to adjust my technique. It all got smudged out with the old drivers.

For me, I quite like the fact that bass players can have strong opinions about what amps they like best; just as guitarists do. Soundmen who say "you the bass player? We'll put you straight into the PA" are definitely not my type :lol:

There are a few TBLers who don't rate Behringer product. It might be snobbery and "if it's that cheap it must be rubbish" attitude. I've recently replaced an expensive, English made PA with a much-better specced and louder Chinese one for a fraction of what I paid for the previous and it's absolutely great for the money. HST, the old Laney 100W amp I got off Fleeb was sold to me by a bassist who'd replaced it with two 300W Behringers. Inside the box was a note saying that he regretted the sale and would take it back and refund my shipping costs. And it's nowhere near as loud as the Superbass gets.

here's my main electric

What is it?

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