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Below is a link to my website that shows my guitars. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Some are Diamonds some are Swine. Love them all.

Just click on the "My Guitars" button.

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Nice one, jconplan!

:shock: Thi si my 74 LP custom, I love this guitar it has an awsome sound!! Ive heard others say things like the 3rd pu on the lp gets in there way or its all show no go all I gotta say is BS, the center position is what I use 99% of the time and Ive never heard any guitar ever give that tone!!

:shock: This is my ES345 note the seymore duncan at center position! the 345 is a stero guitar I play tru 2 amps ,the 2 pups at bridge and neck are wired stereo but the center 59 can be brought into the stereo mix at either side it operates seperate via extra volume pot ,Have one amp on left clean and right amp with some attitude, I can go to either amp or both!

Jcon, as a fellow lefty, I've been a bit frustrated at what's out there. As a 5-string bass player it was even worse. I was fairly advanced into a self-build, cocked it up, then found Jim Reed in Italy making lefties and got a nice 5-string from them. The pups are nothing special Kramer soaps but otherwise incredible for the money. I'd like to get back to building or Frankensteining out of all the bits I've picked up. That is a nice electric you have, all the better for not being a "me-too" guitar.

Hoosier, I'd be very interested in your pics and stories (if not too painful; I've turned down or just left in other people's houses some things myself). I don't know whether to run the amp thing inside this thread or peel it off to a new one; see how it goes. I'd dearly like a YBA1A, even though it's quite a similar EL34 Bassman-influenced like my CMI. Have you seen the Velvet Black website? Great info, but I wish I were one of those early contributors who picked their Traynors up for $50 :cry:

Tim, I have to admit that (for bass) hybrids do 90% of what I like about valve bass anyway. Keep an eye out for any 90s Marshall DBS going cheap. I did go through one (the 400W) back then and it was the first time I didn't wrinkle the nose and thank the Lordy for the CMI (Cleartone Musical Instruments - all you Marshall trivia types). The DBS (like the newer + expensive Ashdowns) has separate SS and 12AX7 preamps, so you can blend the two into the power amp section. This is a very, very neat thing on bass guitar. If you get one or another hybrid, let me know. As mentioned in the thread, I could do you a favour and bung you a nice 12AX7/ECC83 to replace the appalling piece of rubbish that's likely to be in there. Makes a heckuva difference having a good 12AX7.

1bassleft wrote:
If you get one or another hybrid, let me know. As mentioned in the thread, I could do you a favour and bung you a nice 12AX7/ECC83 to replace the appalling piece of rubbish that's likely to be in there. Makes a heckuva difference having a good 12AX7.

Thank you, truely, as I say I'm in a 'pay the rent then see what I can get' position but your advice has been priceless.

Thanks again.

:shock: Iam sorry !! I could've sworn the topic said , Show your guitar!! not amps! Nice old stuff fo sure! However I posted on this thread to talk guitars and no one is interested, May be start a thread show your amps?? :idea:

I'm certainly interested! In the guitars, that is. Amps just look like a bunch of boxes to me. I like what they do, but they are not the same kind of objects of desire that guitars are.

(Can I show a picture of my ukulele or is that not allowed?)

I like looking at all the guitars but I only lurk as I have nothing intelligent to say about them being a simple 4-stringer.

They're very nice though...

I think all my guitars (3, woo!) are dotted around on various threads, but they're nothing exciting.

Man ain't nuttin wrong with 4 strings!! aslong as you use em all!! and nuttin bad about 3 either! dats 2 more than you need!! I have a few but Iam not a collector, Ive just ran across deals that I could not refuse! and act, its a pain in the ass havin more than one you have to clean em and keep em up and feel guilty you have not played each more often,and decide which one to take to a gig! THank god I only have 1 wife!!!! But I was in williamsburg Va, last year and droped into a little blues hangout,there was a jam goin on, offin da corner was a huge guy sitten grovin on the sound,musta weighed 400 lbs looked homeless, but after a while thay invited him up and he got on a 4 string bass and man he rocked da house!!! The best Ive ever heard by far!! his name was Mike Miller!!

Sounds very cool, not so much action round my neck of the woods but a pretty good underground if you know where to look.

What's this 'clean' thing you keep mentioning?!

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