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A lot of babble so far.....

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Well, it should be considered in a wider context than just "a concert".

HST, this is guitarsite so let's dissect the musik...

Must say, the London (Hyde Park) set was mostly quality. I haven't seen everything but The Who (more accurately, Roger and Pete) were stunning. Floyd took longer to get going. Roger Waters wasn't up to speed and (if I may say so) if the bass is 'stilted' then the whole performance suffers. It improved as the set continued and, dammit, they are fine songs. "Dark Side of the Moon" was the first proper album I bought.

I have no time for Madonna's knockers; she's a top-drawer singer and puts on a great show. I'd have had her in my band at the drop of a hat. Snow Patrol and Keane were also very good, but just seemed a bit more like "normal gig" material. From what I saw, "Green Day" in Berlin were good, but "Roxy Music" were atrocious. It takes some skill to be more flat than Brian ferry, but the guitar managed it.


(ps, I'm aware of the obvious jokes about Madonna's knockers and "having had her" in my band :) . The thought does, actually, appeal to me these days :shock: )

I was most looking forward to Pink Floyd, they were great, Waters vocal was'nt up to much but the Gilmour solo's were absolutly stunning, and they played 'Breathe' one of their best, But the best act by far was Velvet Revolver, that is what you call Rock'n'Roll, out of tune on the first number i think Slash knocked his tuners on an onstage camera and knoked the guitar out of tune, but did they make up for it on the other 2!!, i think the worst act was Ms Dynamite, maybe she coulnt hear what she was singing.
Did anyone notice playing with The Who on drums was Steve White, Paul Wellers full time drummer?? also on bass was Damon Minchella ex Ocean Colour Scene? i suppose Zak Starkey is too busy with Queen 3.

4 sets from PF, much better than the rumoured 3, considering song lengths. Even if Money is one of my least favs, still great. And yeah, Gilmour did outshine Waters, but I may be slightly skewed because I do prefer Gilmours vocals.

George Michael was a little under utilised at the end. Was hoping for more like the orig Elton twosome. Sir Paul certainly held onto the mic.

Have yet to see Velvet Revolvers.

You have to give credit to 'Money' for its 7/8 time sig.

It's the clinging money thats gets to me Lee.

As for the Philly concert, if I had a buck for everytime Black Eyed Peas screamed "Come on Philly" I'd be laughin.

Great gig. Missed Freddie.

From what I've gathered, the Floyd were the big download-hit. I still say The Who played better as a set, but it was something to see Gilmour-Waters-Wright-Mason together. Is it just me, or does Nick Mason look more like a cross between Paul Gambuccini and Bernard Matthews (the turkey farmer) each year:?: :shock: I'm still angst-ridden that Gilmour may not have been mentioned in the "15 best" thread. Melody over speed, and a great voice for that type of song, too. "Comfortably Numb" my favourite on the night.

ps, even in its recorded state, "Miss Dynamitee-yey" is obviously in a key that's too high for her. Don't know why she didn't drop it down.

And, no, I didn't recognize the "Who are they?" backing. Top spot, Lee.

And yes... Gilmour was mentioned in the top 15 :)

Greenday slaughtered We Are the Champions right to the shit house. What did you think of that one Buls :)

Phew, glad to hear it about DG. Not getting into (again) a Queen argue, but I thought Green Day did well for Berlin. Anything of the other G8 gigs? I'm quite partial to Zuccherro (*excuse my lousy Italian) but didn't see much of Paris, Rome, Tokyo etc. Any viewers chiming in?

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