Olympic Guitar Events

OK so LONDON got the 2012 Olympic bid, any Frenchies out there? :lol:
The French arrogance is GOLD medal status, they banged on about lack English culture when it was the culturless English that saved them (along with the US) from the nazis in WW2.
Try typing in 'french military victories' in Google and hit the 'im feeling lucky' button.

Anyway, got me thinking, if there were olympic events in guitar what would they be? Speed shredding? Michael angelo VS Eddie van halen.
Eddie opens up with the riff from 'Eruption' Angelo comes back at him with his double headed guitar. :lol:

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How did that interview for the Diplomatic Service go, Lee? :wink: I wouldn't attribute the ramblings of M. Chirac to the whole nation. HST, Mrs Bass (a card carrying Francophile) laughed like a drain. I think Le President did himself and Paris no favours.

I think I'll get out the Olympic White Jazz and treat it to a re-string (should do until 2012 :P ).

I think you answered yourself in another thread Lee...

Obviously the Spandex Showdown... Who can fit the most socks down the front of their ridiculously tight spandex pants.

Edit: got me thinking Lee, you sure you aren't The Angelo's publicist? :P

How about 'The Hammer'?? but instead of using a hammer we use a Sunn Mustang??

Sounds good. We can have two categories. The Sunn Mustang for 7 y.o.s, girls, and lead guitarists in general, and the Hondo II Precision copy for people who know what to do with the extra nine inches (i.e., bass players). A few more months with that Thunderbird, Lee, and you might be allowed to step up a division :P.

Sorry for any offence to Mrs Bass on my French ramblings, i think it was a spur of the moment rant, i should have directed it more at El Presidente than the French population, so appologies there, i think the Anglo-French poor realtions goes back a long way (at least til 1066) and runs in the blood, even though we are all probably 10% French 90% English, where have i seen those percentages before? :lol:

Appologies over with, another Olympic event, after being on stage at the 'Hordon Live 05 festival' with my band 'Land' yesterday, (with Flu, coughing, tempreture, aches and shakes, but the show must go on) how about the fastest setup on stage? contestants have to get the gear up the back stage access, drums on first, then backline then everything else get setup with a soundcheck and then play their first song. We did it in 10 mins!! :lol:

Apols from Lee :?: :shock: As a Norman, no offence taken (back then, we got the whole of Kent as a reward; but the passage of time means I'm now sitting in a boggo 3-bed semi in NW England).

Mustard Mitt (nice "Land" plug, BTW :wink: ) I can't compete with your ability to get a load of gear up your back-passage access in 10 minutes. You have a PM from Carlos Esteban :P

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