Hi, I'm looking for an affordable vox ac 15 with a blue back speaker. Please email me at tmp1220@yahoo.com if you have one you are willing to sell. Thanks.


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Hey Travis, IVE GOT ONE !! but no way is it for sale, it has the Blue Alnico (the brit made alnico, not the chinese) They are fantastic amps, i had one a few years ago and stupidly sold it and bought an AC30 with 2 blues, then sold that to buy the AC15, good luck with the hunt though, it took me a year of ebay searching to get mine....well worth the wait.

Yeah, see, I did the same thing... I bought one last year and foolishly sold it a few months ago and now I miss it and totally regret it. So, I'm searching the entire internet trying to find one. The problem is people are asking SO much for them now.... I got my old one for $800.... not $1250.

Lee, what do you think of the new AC30CC amps? I heard they have something that functions like a "low power" switch which could be good for me because as far as volume goes, I really want something between an ac15 and an ac30.

Ive not heard one of those chinese Vox AC30's, but the switch killing the amp to 1/2 power and thus giving an AC15 tone is a claim too far, i just cant see it doing that.
It's true the price has gone up, and i payed more for my 2nd one than i did for my first, i think it's because its no longer made, Is there an AC15CC??, anyway i'll keep my AC15 Radar up for you Travis, Good luck.

Thanks man, I really do appreciate that. I desperately need one... especially when I begin recording in a few weeks.

The switch, I imagine, knocks out two of the EL84s when employed (and, hopefully, makes the appropriate change to the output impedance). Of course, the transformers are all set up for 30W so it's not a "two amps in a box" solution. I'll also flag up anything I see, Travis. Which country are you in? Shipping amps around the world is a right royal.

A lot of the AC15 sound comes from it's compact little cabinet too, like you say bass, the OT will still be 33 watts instead of 15, its realy not as easy as knocking out 2 of the output valves, but that AC15 when pushed to limit is such a glorious little amp.

bass, I live in the USA. Thanks man.

By this weekend, I'll have an opportunity to try out the new AC 30 CC amps because the other guitar player in my band just ordered one (with blue back speakers of course). Still though, you're right Lee, an ac 15 pushed all the way sounds incredible. I wish I still had my old one... I sold it because the drummer for my band is very solid and loud.... I should have kept it and just had him pull back and learn to control his playing volume. Oh well.

Oh Lee, I meant to ask you something else, I have been using an ibanez ts 9 for my overdrive but I just bought a new pedal.. an xotic AC booster pedal. If you are familiar with them and have played one, what do you think? If not, you should look into it. It's an incredible overdrive pedal. It's actually a boost pedal that can be used as an overdrive as well. Very transparent, warm, natural, and real sounding. It doesn't mess with the tone your amp is pumping out either. It's also VERY sensitive to your playing dynamics... If you're picking softly it's just a little dirty then, if you slam an open E chord it rings out beautifuly, and then gradually, naturally cleans up. It's really an awesome pedal. I can't wait to get into the studio in a few weeks and use it with a vox.

by the way... check out purevolume.com/fireworksoverlondon to hear my band... I used a vox ac 15 for all my guitar tracks on all three songs posted. They are not the best quality mp3's, but they work. The band is about to go in to the studio again and record another five song disc. We got a new singer who is amazing.

Your band sounds realy good, very nice guitar sounds, love the tremelo on 'letter to the vain' Keep hold of your Drummer, he knows his stuff,
and i have tried one of those AC booster pedals, and you are right they are incredible, i tried one at a guitar show, i had £75 in my pocket and it was a toss up between that and a 'Voodoo Labs - Sparkle Drive' the beauty with the sparkle drive is you can get a nice distortion from the pedal and the bring in the distortion from your amp and blend them together, great idea but not realy that good in practice, wish i'd have bought the AC boost.

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