godin guitar saddles

anyone knows what kind of saddles fits in to Godin LGX III guitar.It has L.R. baggs bridge.please email me , thank you very much

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Underrated guitars, Godins. AFAIK, the LR Baggs is a standard-fit, Tune-o-matic piezo bridge. The whole assembly can be bought from Stewart MacDonald, who do ship to Europe no problem. Here's the specific bridge:

Although the whole thing is quite expensive. Do you want to replace an individual saddle? I don't have this setup; I have a Graphtech piezo bridge for bass. The problem with the Graphtech is that each saddle piece is calibrated and matched to the others in the set. I imagine the Baggs is similar. Putting in any old spare piezo saddle could end up with one string noticeably quieter/louder than the others.

If you can find some sort of batch number or other identifier, then you may get a matching saddle from Baggs themselves. This is their page on the bridge:

and clicking on their "contact us" allows you to email them. The radius could be important info, especially if you're replacing the whole unit.

1 bassleft
thank you very very much for your support.I already wrote to L.R.Baggs but still no answer from them.I also checked already with Stewart-Mc Donald, and checked the specs.for their saddles but unfortunat. didn;t understood well them.My saddles are 19 milimeters lond on the side, and 11 milimeters weight?I only need the first onefor E 1 string and the second, cause I have problem with strings cuting.I think the saddles are sharp! If you know anyhting more to help me I would very much appreciate it.
Thank you again,

One more thing, I laso checked the L.R.Baggs website, and saw that the
X Bridge (acoustic Strat bridge), looks very much similar to my Godin bridge, and the saddles too.This menas probably that they should know excatly what kind of saddles they provided for Godin bridge guitars.

My mistake, I thought it was the Tune-o-Matic style. Most of my previous comments also apply to the X-bridge with Strat-type saddles. I still think any replacement must be matched to the ones you have.

If your E and A saddles work fine, but you get string breakage, then you probably have a little problem with sharp edges in the string groove. This is easy to fix, and costs nothing. You simply need to smooth the saddle groove. Remove the strings, but you can leave the bridge and saddles in place. Dampen some fine emery paper and fold it over the blunt side of a normal table knife. Gently work this in the saddle groove, then remove the moisture and metal filings with dry tissue paper.

This wil not hurt the piezo. Once you have removed any rough metal edges, you should have less probems with string breakages. This is cheaper and much simpler than replacing saddles, so give it a try if you have not already. Hope it works for you.

thank you so much, thank you for your support, I will try that

Tony, please let me know here if it works. If it doesn't, it was someone else's idea :) . Seriously, all updates are appreciated by the community.

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