"Optimistic" eBayers

OK, we all see a "get real" auction, so I'm going to set the bar quite high on this one. Can you fulfill all three requirements and give us all a laugh?

1) Guitar is a well-known plank
2) Starting bid and/or BIN is frankly barking mad
3) This is the tie-breaker - a really lame/inventive excuse for the barmy price.

Perhaps ultra-mods like Mike and Jason will come up with a duff prize if the thread takes off. Here's my starter:


Starting bid is twice the value, BIN is quadruple the value, and I love this bit of pitch from the seller - "i would think a fender collector would want one of these and now you can". If I have to, I'll bring up the crummy Marshall cab "as used by Page and Plant" in reserve.

They've gotta be good'uns, people :)

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Any 80's Squire will fetch good money, he is a dealer so he's gonna be £100 OTT, so i dont think hes stronging it too much.

glw wrote:
I'm not sure what the value of this Hayman bass guitar is, but I love the fact that they think that they might make a sale by including the band name THE RUBETTES in the subject line!


My Uncle Les made the stage clothes for the 'Sugar Baby Love Gang' he knew the Rubettes they went in his pub in Hommerton high st. Hackney, it was then called 'The Spread Eagle' but now the jackdaw and something, all those silly coloured suites as seen on top of the pops were Les's Creations!! but were they big in Germany?

I know what you mean, glw. I was thinking of excluding "mitten in deutschland" and "music-outlet-shop" from the comp, but that´d be complicating things. For all that, he´s just your run-of-the-mill dealer with fantasyland prices that endlessly circle Fleeb with no bids. Funny how almost all of them feature some value-reducing "improvement".

Still, I like that "Ramones" plug, so it´s in the hat. I remember some sellers would try to flog Egmonds (really quite unpleasant Dutch 60s planks) with the pitch that "The Beatles almost certainly played some before they got a deal". High price because famous people might have had one before they got enough money to throw it in a skip? That´s the kind of sales pitch I want to see.

Meanwhile...back on topic... heres one for you, the mere fact its got lots of damage and 'screw holes' seems to make the guitar worth lots more, its a plywood body but has a 'quality' perspex scratchplate!


Nice intonation!

OK, this guy's not selling a guitar, he's selling guitar lessons...


Wow! Lessons from Jimi Hendrix himself! How does that work? Do you have to speak to him via dodgy medium Derek Acorah from Most Haunted?

Heres one i spotted earlier, as owned by one of the biggest selling bands in the world..EVER.. and that on its own should help sell this little beauty.. :lol:


:lol: , Lee. And, being fluent in roadiespeak, I can translate:
"It was offered to me as I used to work for the band and was in the right place at the right time with the right money." = I pinched it when my short-term contract ran out.

Incidentally, I can't be bothered to flag it up, but there's a right POS circling the Fleeb. A Marshall 1936 ( the so what 2x12 cab) "AS USED ON TOUR BY PAGE AND PLANT". It has a BIN of £550. I wonder why this ordinary piece of rubbish (as used by the third string Mongolian nose-flute player for three seconds of "Kashmir") hasn't been snapped up. Are we not born every minute?

Is it just me, or does this one o'mill scratchplate copy seem overpriced, given they've just rubbed an old teabag over it?


I love this one. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Weber-Bias-Tool-for-HIRE-DIY-amp-bias-6L6-El34-KT66_W0QQitemZ7352633095QQcategoryZ10171QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

The guy buys a cheapie for £50 (it's basically an octal socket, a 1ohm resistor and a pair of banana plugs) for £50 and will let you borrow it for a fortnight. Cost to you - £10 + postage. Ahaahaaha, yeah right. He at least has the decency to point one thing out. If you're stupid enough to take up this offer, you're probably stupid enough to frazzle yourself mucking about inside a 450V DC valve amp that's plugged in and running.

Just say 'no' to death-it-yourself and pay for a tech or read up and buy decent tools for the job.

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