"Optimistic" eBayers

OK, we all see a "get real" auction, so I'm going to set the bar quite high on this one. Can you fulfill all three requirements and give us all a laugh?

1) Guitar is a well-known plank
2) Starting bid and/or BIN is frankly barking mad
3) This is the tie-breaker - a really lame/inventive excuse for the barmy price.

Perhaps ultra-mods like Mike and Jason will come up with a duff prize if the thread takes off. Here's my starter:


Starting bid is twice the value, BIN is quadruple the value, and I love this bit of pitch from the seller - "i would think a fender collector would want one of these and now you can". If I have to, I'll bring up the crummy Marshall cab "as used by Page and Plant" in reserve.

They've gotta be good'uns, people :)

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no chance.


what exactly is he trying to sell here? a picture of Bowie and Mick Ronson?
good photo though, cant wait to see the details.

The picture makes it look short, stubby and rather fat... much like Phil. Still you think it's too much?

No comment on the PhilCo guitar. The S-W cab hasn't got a hope of making that money. Mick Ronson used a Marshall Major and Marshall cabs (there's some Australian site with the actual amp, and pics) and Bowie used a Simms-Watts AP100 and single 4x12" for his acoustic guitar.

Hardly a good reason for spunking £200 on a cab, is it? Same type as used for Bowie's legendary, live acoustic guitar?

'Legendary'?? are you sure?

That's heavy irony, Lee :)

OK, opening bid is only $25, but...
This is your chance to buy half a pup, with no wiring, from a Squier Bullet bass. Perfect for the two-string bass (see "worst guitar" thread for possible uses) and, as the seller mentions in "shouty" uppercase, it's "BRAND NEW", "NOS", "WITH the cover".

With the other half, and the rest of the guitar, a $25 opener makes some sense. To paraphrase Kaiser Chiefs, "I predict a no-bid"

While I look for bits on my Fender Mustang bass, I came across this "Sunn" gem, made in China:
It's sponsored by Mastercard. "Cost of guitar, £50. Cost of black marker pen, £1.50. Opening Fleeb bid? Priceless."

Weird. Why didn't they give him a left-handed guitar? Is it any wonder it's ended up on ebay? (Yes, I'm ashamed to admit that I know that the Collins menace plays guitar left-handed).

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