Regarding Lyle Acoustic Guitars

[original post]>Most of the Lyle Acoustics are worth around a hundred dollars. They were imported by an Oregon company if memory serves me. They are very decendent guitars builtat the same factory as epiphones! Play em don't sell em!

From what I've been able to find out (as a proud owner of a mint W-415 'Dove' model acoustic), Lyle guitars are actually Gibson seconds, that for whatever reason didn't pass muster to be sold as a Gibson (bad finish, scuff, imperfection in the wood, etc.). The Lyle company was out of Portland, OR (I believe) and was started by former Gibson employees who would fix the flawed Gibsons and resell them under the Lyle name. Made in Japan was because Gibsons were made in Japan at the time(?). A damn fine instrument; considered rare now, I guess. I don't ever want to get rid of mine!
NOTE: I could be wrong on any or all of the above; feel free to respond with the correct info if you want as I'm curious to learn more about Lyles as well...

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Lyle guitar

I got my Lyle model# 692 in Eugene,OR, in 1969 or '70. Probably '70 as it was a birthday gift. I had to pay half of the $47.50 price. Now I know more about it, I understand WHY I had to retrieve it from an ex boyfriend and then again from an ex-husband. HaHaha, ex-husband plays an Epiphone, manufactured by the same company that made Lyles. Beautiful tone still, but strings are semi difficult to press down as they sit higher above than more expensive guitars I've tried. Always was this way as I recall. Cannot find this model # in any of the listings I've seen. Serial number is also present, both very clearly stamped. 6 string, any clues as to what my problem is with reference to the model number not appearing on the known lists?

Lyle Guild & Univox Hollowbody

This is all great information and really good to hear all the good words regarding Lyle Imports.
My goto has always been my 1961 Guild t100 used to sit next to the fire and pick the blues unplugged. But when it plugged into the fender twin its soulful. Just now bought a late 60s Lyle ES-335 copy 5102-T. Love it! Very full sound and rich feel. Actually as nice or nicer than side by side compared to the older Univox and Guild. I have not plugged it in to the 1978 Fender Twin yet but REALLY looking forward.

Lyle W 420 12

I recently purchased a Lyle W 420 12. The top has several dings, it did not have a saddle and the tuners are in bad shape. A few gears for the tuners have been stripped and it appears someone used pliers to tighten the strings on a few tuners. I am going to try and fix it as well as I possibly can, but I will keep the original parts that I have. It also has a cracked pick guard, but no noticeable cracks anywhere else.

Take your Lyle guitar to a

Take your Lyle guitar to a Luther and have it set up . I have a 680-L Hummingbird bought in 69-70 and was also hard to play. I did some research on setting up a guitar and set mine up myself. Smooth and easy playing. Looks great yet, bird wore off pick guard, otherwise looks like new. Use to get bounced around playing in bars in 70's.

Lyle 630L Guitar

pretty good 70s japan guitar definately not a Gibson second thats pretty obvious. Great beginner guitar and has great projection. I would say soundwise its more in line with a martin. Clearly this guitar was supposed to compete with a Gibson Humingbird. The quality it just not there. I paid $180 in a pawnshop in Fort Worth texas December 4 2017. there are cracks in the top which are consistent with a solid top back and sides are laminate. There you go its a fun guitar for a campfire thats about it.

Lyle acoustic 460

I recently was given a Lyle 460 acoustic guitar. It is in need of restiration. In need of everything except the body. Body is slightly dinged up inside and out. I intend to restore not sale. I am wondering if the body inside is needing a couple wood pieces replaced, will that affect the sound and play quality too much? Is it worth restoring? Also I'm curious if anyone has a Lyle or other quality 6 string acoustic guitars for sale or trade.

lyle w415 dove

pristine condition, I traded a nice rope gold chain for it, My wife hit the roof as I own a lot of guitars,I didn't wear the chain, so I just told herto go polish her jewlrey . The guy i trade with said is was made in the late 60's in Japan it plays as nice as my martin on my gibson blues boy EC30 I would like to know what it's worth just to shut my wifes mouth.

680L lyle hummingbird

I bought it 1970, still have and have never done anything to it. Plays well and sounds better with age. The bird is wore off from playing but that is the only wrong. Red and yellow sunburnt. Near as I can tell was built around '68. Not sure though. Paid around 300 and a trade hollow body electric.

Lyle history

I have three Lyle guitars, the first I got is an acoustic nylon string serial number CD - 366, and it plays beautifully, I got it for about 40 bucks. My second one is a stunning steel string acoustic serial 1100 - L, I believe I payed about 150 bucks. My last one is a SG copy, that I don't know the year or serial number yet, but I paid around 220 bucks.

Lyle 12 string 714

I just bought it, anybody help? yet to find any info on it.

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