Regarding Lyle Acoustic Guitars

[original post]>Most of the Lyle Acoustics are worth around a hundred dollars. They were imported by an Oregon company if memory serves me. They are very decendent guitars builtat the same factory as epiphones! Play em don't sell em!

From what I've been able to find out (as a proud owner of a mint W-415 'Dove' model acoustic), Lyle guitars are actually Gibson seconds, that for whatever reason didn't pass muster to be sold as a Gibson (bad finish, scuff, imperfection in the wood, etc.). The Lyle company was out of Portland, OR (I believe) and was started by former Gibson employees who would fix the flawed Gibsons and resell them under the Lyle name. Made in Japan was because Gibsons were made in Japan at the time(?). A damn fine instrument; considered rare now, I guess. I don't ever want to get rid of mine!
NOTE: I could be wrong on any or all of the above; feel free to respond with the correct info if you want as I'm curious to learn more about Lyles as well...

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"-625 model

I bought a Lyle C-625. One of the rarest at a garage sell in Oklahoma! Its beautiful inlay and sound totally freak me out, in a good way! Goose bumps. I wouldn't let sell her for $700. Top notch guitars. There is a 5 digit number on the tag inside the guitar at the bottom right.... anyone know what this number is for?

year made

I have a lyle w460 serial number 901579. Could anyone tell me when it was made.

Lyle Hummingbird

I bought my Lyle HB in 1973 in Hillsboro Oregon at Westfalls Music on main st. I paid $79 and it came with a semi-hardshell case. I still have it today. It's been all around the world with me on tour. I've upgraded the tuners over time and replaced the nut once. My bridge is starting to pull up. StewMac has several great fixes for this for around $150. The sound of this guitar has warmed up over the years and is still wonderful. The cost of keeping this guitar alive and playable is part of my history and love for this guitar. Like Trigger is a part of Willie Nelson, this guitar is a part of me. About Lyle? Lyle was sold exclusively through Heater Music Co. in Beaverton Oregon which is right next to Hillsboro where I bought mine. The Matsumoku Company manufactured many Lyle branded guitars in Japan from (approximately) 1965 to 1972. It was purchased by the Norlin Company, at the time the parent company of Gibson. This relationship is why many guitar people think Lyle was copying Gibson. The guitars distributed by the L. D. Heater Music Company were not part of the lawsuit. But many think it was. The lawsuit was with Ibanez's American brand and was settled out of court. The Lyle Hummingbird is not worth much after 40 years. It's just a nice very cool guitar with a colorful history.

Tony G

Lyle Guitars

I recently purchased 2 Lyle guitars, one being the hummingbird model #W-460 serial # 600404 with spruce top and laminate mahogany sides and back. The other one is the dove model #690 DL with spruce solid top and solid Brazilian rosewood sides and back and mother of pearl inlays on the headstock and fingerboard. I would like to find out more about these but there is not much info out there. From what I see on this site there are multiple request's for info but no answers?? Is there any other site that has more info?? BTW, the tone and sustain is awesome on both guitars!!!!!!!!!

Thank you in advance for your reply,,,,, Larry T

Lyle Dove

My grandmother bought a lyle Dove brand new in 1969 in Medford, OR. For her daughter my aunt. She never liked it and put it in the closet in 1970. In the 1980s she gave it to me and i never played it either. So 50 years of sitting in its case in the closet. What is it worth? Thanks John

Lyle hollowbody bass, 1960-70

Picked up a Lyle sunburst hollow body electric bass dating from the 60's at a garage sale for under $50. The guy who sold it called it a lawsuit guitar? Made in Japan Any Info. on this from anyone would be apricated. Looks to be all original

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