Damn Frog got me twice this evening..

Just thought i'd share that with you :lol:

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The Captain, Rats Scabies, arhhh they were the days, what a band !!

The Damned (http://www.officialdamned.com/) are still a pretty splendid band now, although Rat Scabies is no longer involved.

He was last reported to have been searching for the Holy Grail in Rennes Les Chateau in France!

The whole punk rock thing had a lot of casualties, some died of drug overdoses, some drank themselves to death, some even became postmen, but the holy grail? that just too much, nice to see 40% off though, you gonna buy a copy glw?? :lol:

I read it a month or two ago. It's quite an entertainng read.

Anything about the Knights Templar? or the De Vinci code? King Arthur?? :lol:

Yes, Knight's Templar, The Priory of Sion, Rennes Le Chateau, etc. The Da Vinci Code is mentioned in passing as Rat is given a copy to read on their trip and ends up using the cover to make roaches from. King Arthur doesn't come into this, as we're dealing with France and Arthur was Welsh.

Didnt legend say that Arf'r was a true Celtic Cornishman? surely not WELSH!! :lol:

No no no, Gawd bless you No! That's just a smokescreen. He - or they, for there were two King Arthurs - were from Glamorgan in South Wales. This was taught in Welsh schools up until the middle of the last century until the oppresive British Government came wading in with their false version of history. There is plenty of documetary evidence, inscribed stones, even a stained glass window, that supports the fact that Wales is where it's at Arthur-wise.

See the discussion at this page: http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/southeast/halloffame/historical_figures/arthur.shtml

(BTW, the historian mentioned, Alan Wilson, is my uncle)

i dont quite understand what u mean by frog got u twice this mornin.... are u talking bout a real frog?? ha ha laugh at me all u want! im only 13 and im new to guitars!!! is a frog like sum kinda guitar sayin for sumthing??????

Lee was referring to the soothing stylings of the one and only Crazy Frog. There was once a banner on here that featured the little fella but Lee was sick of waking his wife up at 2 am when he would scroll over it.

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