The top 5 Greatest Bands of the 60's/70's.

In no real order i think these 5 say it all..

The Stones
The Who
The Beatles
Led Zep
Pink Floyd

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10 minutes have passed and no request. Best bury that story, then :oops:

For old times sake Lee best repost it so all the new folk see. Just to be safe. It might at the very least add some form of reasoning behind his choices in this thread.

Blimey, it's times like these that you realize who your friends are(n't) :)

:lol: its a requirement that friends always bring up past embarrasing moments.. you know in front of girlfriends, fellow workers, or in this case forum members.

Ok, but how come my neck's got sunburn just for mentioning Hawkwind :?: Mike, you glided in with "Four Tops" and "Temptations" and escaped like Teflon-Man :shock: . Matching sequined suits are the big thing?

"You just smiled, and gave me a vegemite sandwich" :P

very.. good.. point :)

I hated to press the nuclear "Men At Work" button. Pretty low-down trick. Still, I did feel cornered...

haha i had to the sing the line a few times to myself at first until I realized what I was singing - but it was too late by that point.

I was born in '81 but I'm really struggling to cut my 60's/70's influences down to a top 5, I think I've decided on the following:

Jimi Hendrix Experience
Bob Marley and the Wailers
Black Sabbath
David Bowie
Sex Pistols

Bear in mind I'm a bassist, when I say 'the experience ', and much as I love Jimi Hendrix as a guitarist, its the way the rhythm section held together and provided the structure for Jimi to improvise over, the plain simple rhythm of Noel Redding's bass which allowed Jimi to fly off the groove but always find it again in time for the vocal was perfection to my ears.


OK Mike, i'll Lay the story down once more for the new comers, this is straight from the Basses mouth, Ok, Bass is a real hotshot tennis player, and many people in his exclusive South of france St.Tropez Tennis Club have always looked up to him for guidance, tennis tips, and of course Tennis workouts, so every year theres a Amatuer Status St.Tropez open whic Bass always plays in and usualy makes the final, so last year he enters and draws a 10yr old in the first round, and in front of a 2,000 strong crowd he gets a straight 3 set whooping, he didnt even win a point, and only managed to get his racquet to the boys serve once but didnt manage to return it. Since that game he had to sell up in St.tropez and Move back to the UK, the shame was too much, i think thats how the story goes... :lol: is that right Bass? nooo the truth is he played a small tournemant in his home town a drew the local 10yr old prodigy, he did lose but it was a close thing, i think... :shock:

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