The top 5 Greatest Bands of the 60's/70's.

In no real order i think these 5 say it all..

The Stones
The Who
The Beatles
Led Zep
Pink Floyd

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I'd love to see the record collection at 1bs house.

Were you that couple on Changing Rooms with the Boy George poster above their bed? :D

what about 'Ash' mike? 'Ash is' got be be up there, and i really think Bass has made a complete mockery of this thread by suggesting the worst band in the world, 'Hawkwind' . Im still waiting for a retraction and appology. :lol:

I did consider Ash, but they're not in my "formative years". Lee, you're an old chum etc, but you're asking a lot of apologies out of me. First, a full apology wanted because I didn't think A-Ha were as good as you say they were, now an apology for not thinking Hawkwind are the worst band in the world :shock:

New thread; what deserves a guitarsite reworking? A-Ha's "Take on Lee" or Hawkwind's "Adjust Lee"? :P

Name 3 A-Ha hits without googling. Of course Lee's criteria for an A-Ha hit will be pretty lax.

I can do that, funnely nuff. "Take On Me", "The Living Daylights", "The Sun Always Shites on TV", "The Blood Moves the Body". I've spent 20 years trying to erase the catchy, bubbly nonsense out of my head.

Take On Me was all I could come up with. Great song but I don't think i could entirely agree with Lee's claim that it beats anything by Lennon.

No, I think he stepped over the boundary, seduced by Harket's cheekbones :P

Michael wrote:
Lee's claim that it beats anything by Lennon.

:shock: im flabergasted, did i realy say that? im speechless..

:P Two can play that game (like tennis) :lol:


1bassleft wrote:

:P Two can play that game (like tennis) :lol:


the sad thing is i nearly clicked on that :lol:

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