Questions about guitar!

A few weeks ago I bought a Squire Bullet guitar by Fender off ebay. The people I bought it from didn't give me any information about it or anything! So I'm kind of lost about what to do with it.
If you know anything about the above mentioned guitar please let me know!


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What do you mean by what to do? Do you mean how to play it, or like how to set it up or...?

What kind of information did you want, Saphira? Sorry, but you're being kind of vague.

Sorry :oops:

Anything you know about the squire Bullet I would be happy to know it.
This is my first guitar and I'm kind of lost on how I should properly care for it. I don't really understand what the two knobs called TONE are for; also there is some kind of lever or something that makes it have a different sound, how does that work and how do I know what sound to use?

If you could help me answer any of the above questions I would greatly appreciate it.


I think you should take lessons or something. It'll probably help you alot.
The tone knobs are kindof self-explanitory. The other knobs are the volume knobs. As far as caring for it... if your really obsessed with keeping it clean, always wash your hands before playing. and change the strings often.

Yeah, I know

I'm going to take a guitar class this year at school, but I was just curious about the knobs and stuff on it and just wanted to know what they were for.

Thanks for your help

I would advise you to head down to your local music store. They should be able to help you out with A) the name of a qualified guitar repair person and B) guitar lessons. New and used guitars often need to be "set up". This involves simple adjustments to the neck and bridge and a new set of strings - your new guitar should be as comfortable and "playable" as possible. A set up job should cost around $30 or less. One or two sessions with a guitar teacher will give you the basics on how to string, tune, and care for your instrument and an understanding of the switches and knobs. Good Luck!

I'd guess it's a Stratocaster-styled guitar. Something like this, perhaps:

Under the strings on the scratchplate you'll have three pickups - these literally pick up up the sound vibrations from the steel strings. You can select the different pickups using the blade-like selector switch. It's most likely a 5-position switch, that will allow you to select each of the pickups individually plus the inbetween positions. Each of the positions will give you a different tone - play around with these to see what sounds you like the best.

The two tone controls will affect the pickup nearest the neck and the one in the middle (there's one tone control for each). Basically speaking, these will allow you to roll-off the bass. Personally, I very rarely bother with the tone controls on any of my guitars, so I'd say don't worry about them - but experiment with them if you will. The pickup nearest the bridge doesn't have a tone control, the reasoning being that it supposed should sound as bright as possible and doesn't need one. You'd have to ask Fender why this is the case. Don't worry about it!

You mentioned a lever? Are talking about the aforementioned pickup-selector switch, or are you talking about a tremolo arm? This would screw into the bridge of the guitar (the part where the strings finish on the body), and it's purpose is to produce vibrato. I really do not understand why so many beginner guitars have tremolo arms because for the most part all they do is to send the guitar hideously out of tune! If you have a tremolo arm, just unscrew it and put it somewhere safe for now. Again, I really wouldn't worry about it right now if you are only just starting out!

Have you checked the Squier website, by the way? Here's are their current Bullet models: - mind you, neither of these seems to have a tremolo arm - these are what are known as "hard tail" guitars which basically means they don't have the tremolo block.

Has this helped at all? Any more questions?

Yes, that is my guitar.
Thank you so much for your help! I understand now.

No I don't have anymore questions for now, and once again thanks so very much.

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