Selling a Guitar...eBay? online listing? valuation?

I have a 1982 Gibson Les Paul Standard. I am 38 with small kids and I rarely play anymore. This was a gift from my wife (yes, I know how lucky I am) about 9 years ago. The guitar is almost mint. I have always kept it in the case and it is in great shape. I live in fear that my kids are going to trash it, so I'd like to sell it and replace it with something that isn't as nice. What is this thing worth? Have any of you sold guitars on eBay? Can I expect to get anywhere close to its full value from selling it on eBay? Is there another site where I'm more likely to get a better price?

I would appreciate any help you could give me.

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Ebay can be risky. You could sell it, get paid, ship it off, and then if the buyer has bought it with a credit card he can legally back the payment out and come up with any number of legitmate complaints to tie your money up for a month or more complaining all the way til you lower your price, or worse he could be using someone else's credit card. My wife sells a ton of stuff on ebay. Her advice; list it close to what you want to get for it, take only cashiers checks, (this will lower the amount of people bidding on it and maybe the selling price as well but you will get your money up front.) Avoid allowing payment by credit card, easy to get scammed, but if they have lots of positive feedback (200+) at 100% then you have a good buyer. Do not accept buyers with zero feedback unless they pay by cashiers check. By the way cashier's checks can be scanned and forged so make sure it clears your bank before shipping. Know all you can about it before you sell it. Check out the serial number and verify year and condition. (I have over 1000 feedbacks at 100%).

The more stock it is without modifications the better. I might be interested in it myself (I have over 1000 feedbacks at 100% on ebay) if you have any photo's. Or put it up for sale on consignment at a good guitar shop in your area. Tell them what you want and let them show it off til it sells. They make 10-15% you make only two trips to get your money. If it were me I would never sell it!

I'm not an expert, but I believe it is 100% bone stock. Thanks for the input on eBay. I've sold a few things on eBay, including amps, a motorcycle, etc. and I've never had a problem, but I'm always cautious and look hard at people's feedback.

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