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hi everyone,im a newbie here so go easy on me :D i was wondering how to find out the value of a is a yamaha jazz guitar and i have been told it is the last of the japan made ones but i cant find any info on the net so yeah....any help would be appreciated :wink:

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oh and i have pics if someone could help me post them :wink:

Hello and welcome, Kiwi. Pics definitely help. Here's a link to my thread on how to put pics up on Guitarsite:

Also incredibly useful are any info you find on model number, serial number... that type of thing. For a well-known make like Yamaha, a ball-park value should be a cinch. All the best,

thanks matey...yeah it does have a serial number on the fretboard.....

That helps, but any model name or number would be even better. Does the headstock say anything. Post a pic if you can.

English bedtime (overdue) now, so forgive me if I don't get straight back.

I hope this works....

The pixs work kiwiboy, good job.

You've got yourself a sweetheart there. The guitar is a Yamaha AE-11 produced from 1966-1974. According to the 2005 Vintage Guitar Price Guide the value is between $500-$700 US.

thanx alot guys :D

That does indeed look sweet, Kiwi. SB is the man on pricing the vintages, so I can only add one more thing. I suggest you stick a search for that Yam on eBay and watch auctions as they go. That way, you'll get an idea of 'street' prices being fetched. Lovely semi :D

SB wrote:


You seem to be the resident "expert" on older guitar valuation.
I can't seem to get a straight answer. I have a Les Paul Deluxe
Gold Top bought new in 1971 (a hard earned $ 300) with the slim humbucker pickups.

The guitar is in very good to excellent shape, a couple small checks in the finish near the cut away, other wise all original, in original rectangular case
with orange plush velour. The back is pristine clear as is the front.

I would like to sell it actually as I play only acoustic these days and
cannt really find a comparable axe on Ebay.
I am guessing something in the $ 2500 - $ 3,500 range.

Can you offer any way to determine the value?


Hi batman,

If it were from 1969 you'd be about right. This was the first year the Standard was renamed the Deluxe so the 69 is a bit more highly prized than the others. The VG price guide places the value of the 1970 Goldtop between $2,000 to $2,800 USD. If yours is actually a 1971 the estimate is $1,900 to $2,300. I know these prices probably look low to you for a 70's Paul but a lot of guys don't care for the mini-humbuckers much. This was an issue with these guitars and by the mid 70's Gibson offered regular humbuckers as an option.

In the end of course these are all just opinions. Good luck with the sale of your guitar. SB

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